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Last evening, John and Steve continued their weekly discussion of the events unfolding in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

This is another interesting discussion as it covers the history of the region, the increasing tensions and the upcoming D-Day Anniversary events which will be attended by Putin, Woody and nearly every other "Western" leader.

Again, some background on Professor Cohen can be found here:

And you can catch the John Batchelor Program nightly by clicking here:



wildstylechef's picture


ya!! still say this is extremely important trend line and has yet to be broken

Dr Jerome's picture

I like that chart

Great chart Wildstyle.

The technical analysts all ought to be calling for buyers.

DragonFly's picture

The more I listen to SFC

The less I like him.
The statement that the Soviets beat Germany before D day is pure propaganda.
I'm not defending the US, but this guy has an anti US agenda.

CPE's picture


Oil sold off today, so Ukraine is fixed.  Look a kitten!

Silver Sooner's picture


I'm sure SFC was referring to the events the year before wrt Stalingrad and destruction of Germany's 6th Army.  

Rather than classifying his statement as "pure propaganda" can we agree that it's debatable?  

Now, to classify him as anti-US based on his Presidential voting record...I can go with that :-P

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CPE, China Will Take Care Of...

Turd Ferguson's picture

I'm with SS


The Soviets certainly "softened them up" quite a bit and history is full of references to Hitler's two-front war as his ultimate downfall.

I have to agree. If Hitler had maintained detente with Moscow through 1945, how in the world would the U.S, GB, Canada and the rest have been able to defeat him?

MountainMan's picture

Time To Exit

I am liquidating all my metals on the next bounce. Market structure indicating much lower levels ahead. $15 silver and $1000 gold targets are in the crosshairs now. They will crush gold on any move back towards the $1280 level. Goldman's capture of Ecuadorian gold sets the stage for the start of a massive forward selling operation.

ancientmoney's picture

@MountainMan re: liquidating all metals . . .

For your sake, I hope you mean all paper metals.

If you sell your phyzz, you are playing into their hands, as you will be unlikely to buy phyzz again anywhere near current prices, if at all.

Remember, they MUST get rid of the 100:1 leverage, and that means those with paper will see values go to ZERO.

CPE's picture

RE: Ancientmoney

you are correct sir!

Here's where I spam this chart again...

MountainMan's picture

re liquidation


i am talking about physical metal man. There will be plenty for sale down below...don't fall into that trap...dealers have all the gold here to sell to you now and they will further below. It's a different game if you are talking thousands of ounces, but for us simple folks, the metal will be available. Just my personal game plan as I can no longer stand and watch the value fall off a cliff.

DragonFly's picture

The reason I say it pure

The reason I say it pure propaganda is that it's meant to diminish the US contribution without any factual based debate. It also leads one to assume the US did little before DDay. WWII could have gone a lot of different directions. It wasn't over until after DDay.

His supporting arguments are 97/100 soviets died, the Soviets still celebrate VA Day and Spielberg makes good movies.

I don't want to debate WWII.

I only wanted to say that SFC lost credibility with me because of the statement.

CPE's picture

RE: MountainMan

I recognize you from the Nudge Team.  What do they pay you to say these things?

I see what you mean, the "value" has certainly not stood the test of time...

If you exchange physical gold for fiat currency, at least make sure it's the physical linen.  The electronic version is subject to Corzine vaporization techniques.  Check out Deutchebank's excellent capitalization.

What specifically about "market structure" has you worried?  My concern about market structure can be found in a few more pictures:

MountainMan's picture


You guys have been posting these chart since $1900! Come on man, just look at the fucking weekly chart...we are going off a cliff soon.

CPE's picture

RE: Mountainman

You look at the charts and think you can tell the future.  I look at the pictures I just posted and know that it is impossible for this to continue much longer.  History is on my side.  You are playing a shorter game I guess.  Have fun while it lasts.

NW VIEW's picture

@ Craig

Yes the Soviets did soften them up and the "timing of events "  in Europe and the Pacific made things difficult.  If we had entered the war sometime after 1945 the entire area would have been softened up and General George Patton would have been like a junk yard dog as he moved across Europe and entered Moscow (his view of the way things should have been).    That view cost him his life (jmo).  GP said "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.  It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory".

My NW VIEW: If  Hitler had maintained detente with Moscow, we would be speaking Russian and Japanese today.

elpicador's picture

Hitler actually saved the Western Europe

Most people don't know that German attack on the Soviet Union took place just days before the Soviets were to launch an invasion on Germany and then the rest of the Europe. In 1941, the military power of the USSR was equal to today's might of the US Army. Just to give a picture; they had 26 000 tanks and about 20 million mobilized men.

Regarding Mr Cohen's comments on Poland's involvement in Ukraine, I must say that he is wrong saying that  the Polish government has its own policy; it hasn't. They support the Right Sector, which is continuation of the nationalists movement (UPA), responsible for slaughtering thousand of polish people in 1943 an still have territorial demands from Poland; likewise Germany.

They do what they are told by two fractions; American and German. Why they are doing it? Most of Polish politicians were members of the opposition during the communist regime, and many of them betrayed the 'Solidarity' movement (i.e. Walesa) by becoming an informant (maul) of the Security Service (SB), which gathered all the information about those 'oppositionists' in their archives. When the communism was about to collapse, three copies of all those files were made. Two of them are in Germany and Russia, the third one somewhere in Poland, and I'm sure that CIA has some of it as well. Shortly before Poland joined USA in the war in Iraq, Polish PM paid a visit in Langley; quite unusual as for the official diplomatic visit. Regarding the fact that the PM was former communist, I think that he was showed, what CIA knew about his and others past. 

By the way, I'm Polish, and I can't stand those mother f....s wearing suits, who sold my country. They are doing the same thing, other idiots did in 1939 when they believed in the British guaranties and pushed Poland towards the war with Germany, which cost us 18% of the population dead and 50 years of communism.  

Turd Ferguson's picture

I hear ya


I don't wish to debate it, either. However, I do find some of these "alternative history" narratives quite interesting. For example, what if Hitler hadn't moved on Russia? Or, what if The Japs had gone ahead with their "third wave" and struck both the fuel depots and drydocks of Pearl Harbor? What if Roosevelt and Taft hadn't split the Repub vote in 1912 and how would things have evolved differently if WoodyI had never been elected?

Silver Sooner's picture

What if...

...I had taken the blue pill instead of the red pill? Ignorance was bliss.

Lamenting Laverne's picture

@ El Picador

Thanks for the link to the German article on Rubles payments. Very interesting indeed - especially when 3-4 companies represents 44% of exports and they are under more or less direct control of the politicians.

Mantis's picture


Thats  a pretty ballsy move. I think its just as likely or more likely to break upwards. If it keeps going down premiums will go up anyway. Think I'll just hold myself like.

tmosley's picture

Turd: There was literally no


There was literally no way for Hitler to do that.  The Soviets planned to invade even before they agreed to partition Poland, and Hitler knew it.  When Hitler invaded Russia, the Nazis noted the huge masses of equipment near their border--they were at most a few months away from launching an invasion.

woofwoof's picture


I would be interested in your silver at $15.  Why wait to sell if you think it's going there anyway?  Wouldn't you rather have some nice crispy dollar bills? 

MountainMan's picture

Discount Silver & Gold


I'll be interested in my silver and gold lower down, but right now, I am interested on selling the next bounce.

silver66's picture

Turd, history they forgot to teach us about the great wars

Here is a link to a US Army book about the war we fought in 1919 with Russia. Remember that one they taught us about ending in 1918.


Hook's picture


I walked into Liberty Metals in Scottsdale today to get some silver. Well I didn't get any, they are cleaned out due to the latest price drop. Good luck getting any at 18, or 17, or get the picture. 

DeaconBenjamin's picture

I hear ya

Biggest what if -- what if Hitler didn't declare war on the US?  How does FDR put Europe first?  Does Congress declare war on Hitler? 

Does FDR actually send food, ammo, medical supplies, and other support to the Philippines that instead went to the UK and Soviets?  Why was FDR willing to accept losses over 90% to ship materials to Murmansk (in some convoys) and not send a single bullet or pound of food to support the US Army and Filipinos on Bataan and Corrigedor?

I Run Bartertown's picture

We'll never know

Maybe the biggest 'what if' is...

what if the Allied soldiers on D Day morning had been given just a glimpse of Western Nations in 2014. Would they have marched one more step forward?

So It Goes's picture



LOL.  Sell your physical now?  Physical is your insurance against a fiat currency collapse. The debt of the US grows higher every day and is already unserviceable at anything other than zero interest.  The Fed's balance sheet has ballooned and their credibility is being questioned.  The ECB is talking about negative interest rates.  I could go on an on.  The hazard of the collapse of the fiat currency system becomes more obvious daily - sell your insurance now?

I drove by my local "Cash for Gold" store today.  Guess what - it is gone - closed - done.

Why do you think that is?  Could it be that all the people who were weak hands have already sold their gold?  Is there is no else left to sell to keep this business model afloat?  If all the physical is now in strong hands - who is left to sell or trade?  No one is the answer.

C'mon man - use your head.  Look at all the data - China buying the entire world's mining supply, India going to relax importation rules and taxes, Swiss refiners running 24/7 to make .9999 kilo bars.  There will be a shortage soon enough.  It does not matter what the price of gold is in $$$$.  When it is gone physical will go "no offer" - it will be priceless and may help you survive.

So it goes.

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