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A change of pace with this week's A2A. Dr. Dave Janda stopped by today and the information he shared with us was so compelling, I asked him to return again as soon as possible.

My intention with this podcast was to introduce Dave to all of you and give you a sense of his credentials and expertise. From there, I wanted to get his thoughts on the threats to freedom and liberty around the world.

Instead, we got to talking about healthcare and the destruction to individual freedom that government programs like "Obamacare" present. The information that Dave shared was so insightful and frankly, unnerving, that we didn't even make it to the other stuff. And wait until you hear about his experiences with the I.R.S. YIKES!

Anyway, I'll try to have Dave back in about three weeks to go into the rest of what we'd planned to discuss today. In the meantime, please be sure to give this a listen...and please don't do so from the traditional left/right, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican perspective. All who cherish liberty and freedom should be able to listen to this podcast with an open mind. We are not The Bad Guys. We are not each other's enemy. Instead, the true danger comes from The Fascist Kleptocracy and we must find common ground and engage them together for as Benjamin Franklin once said: "We must all hang together or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately".



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Screensaver of the year!!!!!!!!!!


Also, here's the latest on fixing the fix:

UPDATE 2-CME, LME compete to provide alternative to London silver 'fix'

Thu May 29, 2014 1:01pm EDT

* Exchanges working on replacements for silver benchmark

* Silver fix in current form due to end on Aug. 14

* LBMA running consultation with industry on alternative (Adds background, detail on LME, paragraphs 14-16)

By Clara Denina

LONDON, May 29 (Reuters) - Major metal exchanges emerged as contenders in developing an alternative to the London silver price benchmark, or "fix", after the century-old system for setting the globally recognised price is disbanded in August.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the London Metal Exchange (LME) both said on Thursday they were working with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the precious metals industry to find an electronic-based solution.

"We are working closely with the precious metals industry and the LBMA to reduce market disruption by helping to find a robust transaction-based way to set the daily spot price, so the markets can continue to work efficiently and seamlessly," Harriet Hunnable, CME managing director of metals products, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the LME said it had received numerous requests from industrial and financial players to provide a new solution.

"The LME ... is working with the LBMA in consulting with the market ... it has defined a robust process for a daily silver price, which will provide best-practice regulatory compliance while maintaining the global position of the London market," the exchange operator said in a statement.

Earlier this month, London Silver Market Fixing Limited said it would stop administering the benchmark on Aug. 14.

The move to disband the silver fix came after Deutsche Bank , a member of the gold and silver fix for two decades, failed to attract a replacement after putting its seats up for sale.

Greater regulatory scrutiny is forcing major changes in how all precious metals prices are set, and sources say an electronic alternative to the silver benchmark will probably be applied to the other 'fixes'.


Industry sources said that commodity price benchmarks provider Platts and news agency Thomson Reuters are also in talks with the LBMA and looking to provide feasible solutions to the market.

Both companies declined to comment.

The LBMA has launched a consultation to find a solution, which will close on Friday. It has asked mining companies, users of the benchmarks, regulators and potential administrators for their views on who the ideal contributors to a revised pricing mechanism would be.

LBMA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The LME said, "Our proposed solution will be announced at the appropriate time once the market consultation is complete."

The exchange currently provides clearing of over-the-counter silver forward rates in conjunction with London clearing house LCH.Clearnet, marked to market using the LBMA forward curve.

The LME operated a 10,000 ounce silver contract in the 1970s, which was suspended the following decade after an attempt by the Hunt Brothers to corner the market sapped all liquidity from the market, a trading source said.

It considered re-launching a silver contract in the 1990s, but struggled against falling demand for the metal from the photography sector and a lack of industry support, the source added.

On Friday, Barclays Plc was the first bank to be fined by the British regulator over attempted manipulation of the 95-year-old London gold market daily "fix".

The Financial Conduct Authority charged the bank 26 million pounds ($43.8 million) for failures in internal controls that allowed an options trader to manipulate the setting of gold prices. (Additional reporting by Veronica Brown, Silvia Antonioli, Jan Harvey and Josephine Mason; Editing by Susan Thomas and Jane Baird)

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You'll notice some editing. Dr. Dave was having some connection issues and some blank spots needed to be edited out.

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More Jackass


Brand new and covers many of the topics discussed here last week:


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Dr. Dave

Great A2A Turd !  I vote we have Dr. Dave on as a regular if he is in agreement with that.

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Is there a way to tell how deep the GOFO rates are?  Obviously those rates are quoted based on some sort of "normal" size, but nothing is normal anymore.

Do any of your contacts know of a metric or even something anecdotal to determine what kind of size can be sold without it affecting the rates?  Say 10 tons at the published GOFO rates, but 100 tons would increase the rate by X.  My question is really centered around size because that published figure could be quoted for a single ounce?  Or 50,000 tons?  It would be great to know what kind of size moves it as this might indicate the magnitude of slam-down potential....

Gold really is a riddle shrouded in mystery wrapped in an enigma... 

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Jim Willie

I still find JW interesting but since he does not provide substantiation of his speculation other than say a "source" it leaves the reader with the responsibility to find out what it means.

For example in the latest, he speaks of russia among others selling its Treasury  bond holdings  to belgium--why and how--how does belgium come up with money to buy treasuries others don't want.

I have said before buried in his writings are nuggets and dreck- the readers have to discern which is which

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5th for a top tenner!!!! The mentally deranged 5 cross-dimensional intellectual, will now make eye-to-eye contact with the Janda Beast brought on by Turd Himself. This will be great podcast, no doubt. 

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Move along, now.

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With today's reports of heavy


With today's reports of heavy fighting in E Ukraine, this might be significant:


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Replacement of Silver Fix

For those that were rejoicing in the demise of the silver fix, as expected it could prove to be a pyrrhic victory.   The CME involved in setting the price of silver via an electronic fixing...aka turning the algo's loose and allowing the manipulation to be even more hidden...Just what the world needs!!!

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If there's interest...

I can type up another "things I think I think (re: Ukraine)".  

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Thanks Dr Dave & Turd - Fantastic

Would really like to hear Dave's opinion on MMS given the success against cancer I have seen.


Also suggest making this immediately PUBLIC. What Dave says is very important, and hitting right at the center of the issues we are seeing with both parties.

Happy to hear Reagan had the right intentions. Shits to both parties since.

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This A2A should be free/open

This A2A should be free/open to the public, if its not.

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That is some amazing and truly sad commentary.  Great job guys!

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this a2a sound be open to the public

I agree

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I'm definitely interested. Any reality to this?

1,200 Ukrainian Soldiers Dead in Slaviansk Special Op – People's Mayor

If true, why Western MSM blackout?

Why Snowden, why now?

How is Petroshenko any different from his predecessor & Akhmetov, for that matter?

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Ok, I'll work something up and touch on your questions.  In brief, I saw that report and while still unverified, I'm confident that these exist, but highly-skeptical of the numbers of bodies.  

Out of respect to our host and not to derail this thread, if anyone has specific questions, please send those to me in a PM.  

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A propos

Family of disabled man killed in New York facility gets $12 million bill from state:–


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I knew it was bad, but . . .


I hope beyond hope that concierge black or grey market healthcare is available after 2015.  Otherwise, we're doomed, again.  For yet another @#$%ing reason. 

Yippee.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. 

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No change to "inventory"

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The "REAL" history of the Chocolate King

Fast forward to 25:50

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I Have Respect

I have a new found respect for Montel Williams after listening to this and you should also even if your left, right or in the middle.

Thank you Montel for sticking up for me and the rest of the veterans out there.


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Great A2A

Wow Turd, I wish I could say what Dr. Dave has to say shocks me, but I can't. Keep stacking, Its not the (real) money that is evil but the Love of it that is so evil. I am so pissed right now about the rampant greed and lust for wealth at the blatant expense of peoples lives and lively hoods. In my humble opinion, Its no wonder why our Creator has left us to our own devices. We do have free wills and that is the only thing they can never take away. Wake up everyone, mount up and be heard. 

PS Thanks Turd and members for all you do, Its our responsibilities to educate the masses, if they are not to busy watching their BOOBtubes.

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"Gold really is a riddle shrouded in mystery wrapped in an enigma... "

Real, physical, hold-in-your-hand gold is none of those things. It's a true store of wealth that is being kept hidden, at ALL COSTS - especially in these times - from the masses.

But if you're talking about paper gold, well then .... it's also none of those things. That stuff has no more value than toilet paper. No riddle, mystery or enigma there. Just flush it down with the rest of the crap.

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I agree with everything you just said, and you said it better than I.

But the mystery is understanding exactly how the mechanics of the paper gold matrix work.  I'm only interested so that I can better understand, if possible, when the true value of physical Au will be expressed.

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Ok. I hear you.


I'll make this public tomorrow for the weekend.

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Amazing, leading up to this whole crisis, we heard about,- postulated that a breakout of war would be so disruptive

to markets, PM's etc 


here we are, people getting killed, movements going on, AND.....

markets at all-time highs, PM's down.

real logical

( you all know what side I am on)

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was adamantly opposed to the McCain driven Iraq mission which produced at least 60% of the vets that are now being served poorly by the VA.  Think the VA would be operating better without this surge of patients?  (no war injury, no patient)....300,000 dead Iraqi civilians agree.  Pretty obvious.

But Rummy said it would only cost $50 billion....in an out in a few months....40k troops....easy peasy....

This is John McCain's issue.  He owns it.  It was before Shinseki, McCain made it worse, by pushing for more war...creating massive new patient load - with no consideration for expense.


and FUBM

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AZ Turdites?

If we have any AZ Turdites, I'll be manning the Gainesville Coins table at the AZ Survivalist and Prepper Expo in Prescott Valley this weekend. (No, I will not be wearing my safari suit from the videos.) Come by and say hi, and take a gander at the shinies.  Here's a list of the guests and seminars: https://www.arizonasurvivalistshow.com

On the subject of the fixes, I am eagerly awaiting any news on how the FCA verdict and Barclays' admission of manipulation of the fix plays out. Surely FCA has the email addresses that Plunkett sent his plea for help on a "mini puke" to, which seems to be circumstantial evidence of a gold fixing conspiracy in existence among traders in 2012?

I'm sure the lawyers for the various class action lawsuits against the gold fix banks dropped to their knees and thanked God for this gift, too.

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