Another 3-day Weekend? Must Be Time For Some Jackass!


In what has become a tradition here in Turdville, our pal Jim Willie stopped by this morning for a wide-ranging, hour long discussion. <Note: This is a free, public thread!>

This baby checks in at just over an hour so you might want to break it up into parts. Download this to your computer/ipad and, if you need some time away from the pool or the beach, put in your earbuds and go to town! Amongst the topics discussed are these:

  • The latest developments in the budding "Eur-Asian Alliance"
  • The progress the BRIC nations are making in setting up the 21st Century financial system
  • Falling U.S. interest rates and the treasury market
  • DoucheBank and the other walking, TBTF zombies

Jim has promised to join us again for our next 3-day weekend in July. Until then, this hour-long discussion should satisfy even the most starved info-junkie.

Have a great weekend!



ancientmoneyMr. Fix
May 27, 2014 - 11:56am

Mr. Fix . . . "at least they will try."

While I agree with you that the elite will do everything in their power to retain their wealth and control, they are by no means in total control.

They are certainly trying to hem us in via laws, FEMA camps, armored police vehicles, billions of rounds of ammo, etc.

But they are in the extremely small minority. The DOTS forum originated as I recall with a little video that shows how few of them there are compared to the rest of the population.

Unfortunately, they do have weapons available to annihilate many of us, such as EMPs, viruses, etc. before any battle can be even fought, but that requires complicity on the part of those who must carry it out.

There seems to be a battle going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to see. The SC nuke event and other lost nukes over the years seems to be one piece of evidence that someone is fighting back. Can they hold off the bad guys forever?

One scenario that seems to be forming up, based on the evidence is that the elites ( top bankers and the politicians they own) have agreed to sell Amerika to the Chinese in repayment of the last 20-30 years of goods shipments we have received.

They have already shipped beau coup western-held gold to China the last few years.

China tried to buy up some Nevada grazing land under BLM shenanigans led by the elite master Harry Reid.

The UN wants U.S. citizens to be disarmed. We have seen plenty of false flag/psy-op events sponsored by the CIA and other ABC agencies to try to get public support for killing the Second Amendment.

Obama said he fears a nuke going off over Manhattan more than he fears the Russians.

In congress, at least one senator said an EMP event is not just likely, but WILL happen.

An EMP event would kill 90% of the U.S. population in two years. It would leave most of the infrastructure intact. The Chinese are patient. Has some faction in our military/industrial/banking complex made a deal?

Lots of dots seem to indicate so.

May 27, 2014 - 11:48am


Most importantly, good for you on the avionics gig. The fiat must flow, for the time being. Second, JW isn t my cup of tea either, but he does make some great calls every now and again- his macro predictions about the Russia/Chinese alliance and setting up an alternative trade settlement system to the dollar seems to be playing out pretty darn accurately. I'll filter and sort, as with all pundits.

Finally, I am glad to hear that you have not been culled. I presume it is because you still believe in the intrinsic value of the investment and are prepared to hold for a long timeframe- why the bilious post, then? Why show up to "drop a bomb" and "vent"; to use your words? Disliking JW is just part of it, and that is easily avoided. I genuinely hope you can be rid of the negativity, relax, and be well.

Mr. Fix
May 27, 2014 - 11:41am

Don't sweat the small stuff… And other thoughts:

I suppose “the markets truly always do win” has always proven correct throughout history, but I am taking into consideration the timescale. Anything resembling “true markets” have been destroyed, and what we are seeing appears to be under the control of a global fascist dictatorship, that has a long way to go before anything resembling “free and fair markets” can be instituted.

For that to happen, the globalist elite will have to be removed from power. In the meantime, they have an ironclad grip on all of the markets, and will be able to manipulate them at will regardless of the underlying “fundamentals”.

Many have warned to “store your gold and silver” outside of the boundaries of the United States, and in fact Jim Willie states that it should be outside of any “English speaking” country. This seems like a reasonable precaution to me, because even if things unfold exactly as Jim Willie has predicted, it is highly likely that it will be difficult to liquidate a precious metals investment within the United States.

Since the United States government has a proven track record of theft and fraud, as well as writing laws even retroactively if required to steal the personal property of its citizens, I have no illusions that even a physical precious metals investment can be made profitable in the foreseeable future.

As with any failing regime, “capital controls” are in the process of being instituted, and the only reason they have not as of yet addressed gold and silver is because it is such a small market, but more importantly, under no circumstances do they wish to call attention to it.

What I'm saying is that this is a very long-term proposition, because I think when this "market" finally does break, the next step will be an institution of an Orwellian police state. At least, they will try.

This is why I've been saying long-term, the “Evil Empire” will need to be defeated before we realized any benefit from our investments. (I am however hopeful that they will collapse under their own dead weight and arrogance).

By the Way, Jim Willie rocks! Anyone who says otherwise gets what they deserve.

May 27, 2014 - 11:39am

Flyinkel re: killing off the paper . . .

I misstated by saying they are killing off the paper. I meant to say they will, they must kill off the paper. They will only do this, or it will be done for them when:

a. the physical to back their rehypothecations is gone, or,

b. the faith in paper currencies ends, or,

c. some government decides to end the fiat games and allow gold and silver to act again as money.

May 27, 2014 - 11:35am

Killing off the paper?

How is that possible? Once created it stays for every time it is sold to lower the price, a new buyer emerges in the greatest of circle jerk fashions. Round and round they go. It is only when confidence is lost in the paper and buyers demand physical that price discovery will happen. Unless I am missing something? These cretins don't really care if they put every miner out of business for in the short run they drive the price down via paper and buy physical, they limit supply by closing miners, and stand to profit in the scarcity holding the physical. Do you see it any other way?

Edit: Just like the cabals see this as a chance to purchase physical on the low side, so should you! Turd thinks it still will go lower, maybe a little today, a little tomorrow, a little.....well, you get the idea. Wouldn't want to miss out.

Les Baux
May 27, 2014 - 11:29am

cpnscarlet - you really ought to listen to the interview

It's an absolute hoot. At one point Willie says that he wants to get a prediction wrong just so he isn't right all the time. Then there is a giant pregnant pause until TF awkwardly says 'Well...that's probably true'. Even TF knows he's full of shit. Honestly don't know what's more surprising, that JW has the balls to claim that his track record is anything other than comically terrible, or that most here still buy the shit he's selling with both hands.

But it looks like now JW just says that his predictions are right in the long run and people just aren't patient enough. Which means they are now totally unfalsifiable, and he can claim 100% accuracy until he's dead in the ground. I don't know, Jim, maybe if you weren't claiming that things would happen 'imminently' or on specific timelines that would hold a bit more water. But yea, I'm sure Deutsche Bank will be collapsing any day now. What a loon.

May 27, 2014 - 11:27am

RE: Insight cpnscarlet

cpn have you looked at Charles Nenner.His have called the rise to the top, the fall to the bottom ( which we have not reached yet) the fall of usd to the weekly rise of the usd just last week,ect. Charles is a longer view with 3 times weekly updates

You can get 2 weeks free with no cc or obligation to see what is under the hood

Craig here at TFMR gives a weekly trading view that has been above par for $10 bucks a month as you are aware. I have profited immensely since joining. Best value on the net, bar none.

Good luck to you,sorry you are down. I got lucky, buying at $600usd and about $8.00 usd. The trading, which has served me well, has been enhanced by Craig and his daily, along with a variety of other.

Most of it is not free. I pay for what i get.

ancientmoneyPining 4 the fjords
May 27, 2014 - 11:20am


"The last two years have truly winnowed out many people from this market/trade. It is unsurprising they are so bitter about being culled, nor should it shock anyone that the easiest defense mechanism for them is to say "All of you people are stupid, this is never going to work out for you" because they need to console themselves."


Early in this bull market, I can recall reading that hanging on through a bull market's entirety is the hardest thing to do.

Bulls throw off as many riders as possible, as there is simply not enough gold, silver, or what have you to carry very many people. We see this as paper PMs get destroyed through leverage gone bad. The big banks MUST keep the general public out of gold and silver, as there is not anywhere near enough gold and silver in physical form to hand out to them; it is mostly paper.

They are killing off the paper along with the price to prevent people from buying. Once the paper markets are killed off, then and only then can gold and silver rise to their true values.

The reason for this is the fraudulent nature of the futures markets and their 100x leverage; it is an extension of the fiat, fractional-reserve system of fraudulent money.

May 27, 2014 - 11:18am


A hat tip to you sir.

May 27, 2014 - 11:17am


OK Pining, you're always on the mark, but who's been winnowed? I am still in PMs as much as I was when I started this and saw the light back in 1988, way before many of you even knew what a gold coin looked like.

Sure, I've got wounds to heal in the past 36 months. The driving anger is that we still see those pundits who have so terribly wrong over the past three years celebrated like some damn movie star anytime they show up in a post. And Jim Willie certainly fits the bill. Do I need to name all the others. Certainly not to you. It's just the height of high comedy to come by here for the first time in many months and see so many swooning over another Jim Willie post posing as good PM analysis. These people do bear no small amount of responsibility for lying to us about their great experience and insight into PMs when they were really just guessing and throwing darts at a Ouija board. It's been all about central planning and control since Larry Summers' day.

This will work out one day, but it will take much more than Bubble Brain and his insipid, worthless posts.

BTW - Back in the thick of things doing booster avionics work with United Technologies. Always able to find work when it's needed.

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