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As long as the American media refuses to debate the ethics and consequences of U.S. policy toward Russia and Ukraine, I will continue to post these weekly conversations between John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen.

Just as in the past two weeks, last night's discussion centered upon several items critical to understanding the nature of the "crisis". In this podcast, John and Stephen look forward to events coming over the horizon, including:

  • The significance of last Friday's horrific events in Odessa
  • The upcoming "V-E Day" parades of May 9
  • The significance being placed upon the elections that will take place over the next few weeks

Once again, please take the time to listen to John and Stephen. Nowhere else in the "Western" media can you find such a frank, fair and honest discussion of these extremely important issues. You can find more about the very informative John Batchelor Show by visiting his website at:



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Whoo Hoo!

First US Silver Dollar, 1794

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Yellen and who sprouts more propaganda BS

This is just getting to be a comedy of tragic proportions on who can sprout more outlandish BS. "We are doing so well at 6.3 % GDP at 3.25% gains in employment 200,000 A MONTH!

The degree of BS that the US is spewing out is on proportions of  China and Russia. In other words complete utter BS I am dumfounded at the degree, perhaps it has always been there and I am now seeing it, does not matter. If these people are able to spew out this BS and the news journalists cannot call BS and call them to account, then the only way this will end is at a repeat of 2009 when a failure in major bank brings down this house of cards. Sad because it will effect everyone

"The economy has continued to recover from the steep recession of 2008 and 2009. Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth stepped up to an average annual rate of about 3-1/4 percent over the second half of last year, a faster pace than in the first half and during the  preceding two years. Although real GDP growth is currently estimated to have paused in the first quarter of this year, I see that pause as mostly reflecting transitory factors, including the effects of the unusually cold and snowy winter weather. With the harsh winter behind us, many recent indicators suggest that a rebound in spending and production is already under way, putting the overall economy on track for solid growth in the current quarter. One cautionary note, though, is that readings on housing activity--a sector that has been recovering since 2011--have remained disappointing so far this year and will bear watching. Conditions in the labor market have continued to improve. The unemployment rate was 6.3 percent in April, about 1-1/4 percentage points below where it was a year ago. Moreover, gains in payroll employment averaged nearly 200,000 jobs per month over the past year. During the economic recovery so far, payroll employment has increased by about 8-1/2 million jobs since its low point, and the unemployment rate has declined about 3-3/4 percentage points since its peak"

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In the first segment, Prof Cohen...


In the first segment, Prof Cohen sort of off-handedly mentions that Crimea gets all of its fresh water from Ukraine. Well, maybe not for much longer...

Insanity continues. Ukraine builds up a dam spanning the water supply to Crimea. - This is how they spend IMF money

— Russian Market (@russian_market) May 7, 2014


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Putin Pulls A Fast One: NATO Says No Russian Troop Withdrawa

More BS this from Russia

Earlier today, before the high-beta, higher-trash selloff resumed, the main catalyst that pushed the market higher was the following headline:


Turns out all Putin was doing was merely trying to give his buddies yet another higher price level from which to sell. To wit:


It is almost as if Putin was merely pulling the electronic legs of the high freaks with premeditated intent...

ancientmoney's picture

@Turd re: Crimea's fresh water . . .

I wonder how long that dam will last?

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Do or Die Mr. Silver

Do or die Mr. Silver.

Someone sure wants to beat your butt here.

Not sure I want to die on this hill with you, but I DO pride myself on being a savvy shopper.

edit - If you have a sensitive nature, move along.

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Lucky Seventh

Logged on and found a new thread, thought I would throw my silly place-callout into the mix just for fun.

Nice pic of that old US Silver Dollar in the First post up above.

Here is more 'Silver-porn' for your viewing pleasure - a 20-Balboa coin from Panama.

This Mammoth coin (supposedly) contains 3.86 oz of Silver!

Apologies for including in the photograph a clad dime; we already know what a sh!t-sandwich looks like.

(Next time I promise to use a silver dime for scale.)

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NWO cut a deal with China?

We know that the Chinese hold lots of U.S. debt in exchange for all the merchandise they shipped us over the last few decades.  We are now in the process of shipping them beaucoup gold to make good on that debt.

Our "leaders" (Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, among many others) starting transferring jobs and manufacturing capacity on a wholesale basis to China decades ago as well, to the point we have very few modern factories, and even fewer people trained to operate them.

The government and bankers have been able to mask this treasonous behavior by way of the petro-dollar system, using the dollar as the world reserve currency.  However, that cover got blown in 2007 when the TBTF greed-meisters got caught with their gluttonous hands too deep in the cookie jar.  Since then the Fed has had to print trillions, to run government and keep the western financial world from utter failure.  This of course diluted the value of all the Chinese-held debt.  And, they know it.  They want gold, real estate, minerals, metals, etc., in exchange for the manufactured wealth they sent us earlier.

We were warned some time ago that the Chinese and ROW were not going to fund our western lifestyle forever.  There was going to be a great leveling.  Well, since 2008, there has been some leveling, but much more is to come.

Most of the jobs we have now are retail service, or government.  We produce little the ROW wants, except for weapons and agricultural products like grains, beans, and their oils, etc.  To Chinese leaders, and the elite of the NWO, the American people are spoiled, useless eaters.  We are what stands between China getting their "payback."  The elite NWO is more than happy to sacrifice us, and move their headquarters to the east.

dgstage and old tradesman posted this article on DOTS forum earlier:

The other two earlier parts (4 parts total) essentially fill in how the NWO is selling us out, and this possible EMP scenario as the "failsafe" if we don't cave in to their ownership of us.

I hope the military people across the country understand what is happening, and can do whatever it takes (coup?) to stop this treason from going any further.  It is the American people and their freedoms that the NWO elite feel are impediments to their plan to subjugate everyone on earth.  If the military does not resolve this, it will be up to us to stop it in our own neighborhoods at some point soon, I fear.

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top 10!

silver is still in jail.  soon to break out!

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Manipulated market or a Market of muppets?

The old mantra of if its on the internet or the TV it must be true, now rules the market. No thought or research goes into market investment but how fast you react to the newest twitter, blog post, TV clip or Google news. Doesn't matter if there is any truth to the news but how fast you react to it. In fact truth and facts are the last items to use in investing, If you follow well researched thought out facts you are sure to lose your shirt. Truth or facts have nothing to do with reality any more but what is the latest hype and how many people believe you. The majority of people making the market move are just muppets. Look at Goldman Sachs April 10th before the April 15 2013 take down of the gold market they predicted "They also advise opening a "short" position on the Comex gold futures exchange, with a price target of $1450 per ounce"  5 days later it dropped to 1321 a 258 dollar drop 120$ below their target. The are now so high on their own BS that they have the balls to now predict the market publicly before they do a take down. See we told you!

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

Its like the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford the Canada capital of muppets Toronto, no matter what he does people still believe in him and vote for the idiot even though every word out of his mouth is BS.

ancientmoney's picture

This is probably why things are happening so quickly. . .

They have to speed up the timetable, as they are losing prominence and control:

treefrog's picture

water supply dam

one round from a medium sized world war II artillery piece would make a crater big enough to make that dam obsolete.

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Test post

Test post

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Belgian Conspiracy

Thanks for pointing me this direction in your new photo, Pining.

The 2013 GDP of Belgium was 506 billion

One of our favorite authors wrote, "In summary: someone, unclear who, operating through Belgium and most likely the Euroclear service (possible but unconfirmed), has added a record $141 billion in Treasurys since December, or the month in which Bernanke announced the start of the Taper"

Lets see, their data is from Dec, Jan, Feb, ... just three months and 141 B. 

Simple math= 47 B per month... Hmmm for 12 months that would equal 564 B.  Well that's 112% of Belgium's total economy. And these T-bills are shown as an asset on their national balance sheet. It's real, alright. 

Surely the FED wouldn't be funding a conspiracy to dupe the American people, would they Janet?

Owtovit's picture

@ in the first segment

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson.....


Yup let's block a river and flood our prime agricultural land!


4 oz's picture

Picked up some 2008's today


Was a fine day to be adding; Hit some '08's today

OMG!   I   <3   2   BTFD!        Do u?

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I'm traveling this afternoon and will add a longer update later.

We talked to our friend in Kramatorsk...she is OK and said the new timeline is 12-13 May. Mrs SS called her out about the 6th and she said that WAS info they trusted but now the new days are early next week. I know this sounds like chicken little, but I feel confident enough in this info to risk being a fool by relaying these things.

She again said that there is no question whether east Ukraine will break away and was adamant that it is already decided.

Also, sister-in-law is a low-level accountant for the Donetsk oblast government. Her office is in a shared-use building in a west Donetsk and I mentioned yesterday that they have armed militia guarding the halls and entry points. I talked to her on Skype a couple of hours ago and her work has told her not to come in tomorrow as they are using the office for referendum polling. So, despite what Putin said, reality on the ground is that the referendum is going forward.

Will add more later.

Turd Ferguson's picture

muchas gracias, SS


We are in your debt. Thanks for the updates!!

Response to: Update
ivars's picture

Tactic.....or real lack of

Tactic.....or real lack of force to utilize situation further now? ..or response of Ukraine taking prospects of peaceful subversion of East South further back? Wish to establish control over Crimea as a de facto situation before proceeding further? Crimea annexation is quite costly for Putin, any privileges given to Crimeans cause envy in other poor regions of Russia that have waited forever to get some economic future. Unpolite dealings with Crimean tatars causing unrest in large Russias Muslim community ?

It is clear that only on propaganda based energy can not be sustained if there are no victories on ground; people demand more after annexation of Crimea, or they get tired and exhausted in their surge of patriotism as reality of everyday sulkiness and economic underdevelopment comes to the forefront again. 

Whatever, a welcome deescalation hint, aimed also at pro Russian separatist in Ukraine who might have taken things too far as they do not wish Russian control either..they want independent state ....which is utopia and very destabilizing as such fragmentation of nation neighboring Russia without adding it to Russia may escalate separatist tendencies in Russia itself? Chinese with whom Russia needs to sign a mega deal on gas this month during Putin's visit to China not happy with too much escalation in Europe via force - what can later be taken via Chinese issued competitive with the West debt?

Putin seeks delay in Ukraine vote 

President Vladimir Putin said Russia pulled back its troops from the Ukrainian border after weeks of tension, a claim disputed by the U.S. and NATO. He also urged separatists in the country’s south and east to postpone planned May 11 plebiscites over regional autonomy.

The Donetsk and Luhansk regions should delay referendums in order to help “create the necessary conditions for dialogue” between pro-Russian forces in Ukraine and the government in Kiev, Putin said today in Moscow. 

Putin also said violence in Ukraine must stop for any dialogue to begin, and voiced support for the presidential election Ukraine plans to hold on May 25, which Russia has previously criticized.

Or the usual trick by Putin to calm the West prior to major move? We shall see soon. But I feel May China visit is an issue here. Need to find agreement on further strategy tete-a tete before proceeding. 

Besides what happened in Ukraine has anyway postponed any significant work on shale gas for years. Which is good business for Russia. 

Mammoth's picture

Thank you, Silver Spoon

Turd wrote, "muchas gracias"

But that would be спасибі in Ukranian or - more appropriately - спасибо  in Russian!

I also have family in Russia and they are P!SSED.

John Galt's picture

@ wildstylechef re: Toronto Mayor Ford

You said:

Its like the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford the Canada capital of muppets Toronto, no matter what he does people still believe in him and vote for the idiot even though every word out of his mouth is BS.

There's no question that Ford is a train wreck on many levels (booze, boorishness, smoking crack etc) but his continuing popularity is largely a reflection of how much Canadians have come to despise the corruption of the prettier and more eloquent mainstream politicians.

Consider the Senate expense scandal, e-Health scandal, Orang scandal and the totally botched gas plant closures which squandered over a billion taxpayer dollars in an effort to buy votes in a few key ridings. The premier in Alberta also recently resigned over another scandal of using public dollars for personal travel.

While I agree that there are a lot of negative things that can be said about the Mayor, many Canadians continue to support him because they would sooner trust that crackhead with managing their tax dollars than hand control over to the corrupt and free spending Keynesians who infest the political landscape here.

metalsbyamile's picture

OT: Gold... just for old time sake

Do you believe in magic? get your tix in June / July.Live shows will not begin until then , reruns only.

Dr Jerome's picture


Thanks for pointing out the China influence on Putin's decisions. That is instructive.

ctob's picture


He is one of the only truly thoughtful people in journalism today. Locally he is on a radio station at like 10pm at night.

10x the host quality of most major network monkeys and 10x less exposure. Encapsulates just how corrupt and disgusting the modern media is.

JB isn't even particularly strongly on any political side although I would say he favors the "right" of the usa to some degree.

Orange's picture

Hot Diggittydog - Stage 4 MMS Cancer update

Check my last threads, but its not that long ago. The guy with stage 4 lung cancer that was told he had perhaps a year or two to live is clean, does not need to have chemo, and they will monitor one spot.

Please query Jim Humble and MMS. I saved my father from prostate cancer and now this guy, a neighbor, from certain death.

Jim Humble really is remarkable, Turd should get him on an A2A. He insists this stuff is not sold for more than $20. Just like Turd, except its the suppliers that get the cash, he takes nothing and saves so many lives.

Wow, Turd look into it.

Dyna mo hum's picture

Yes he can,,,,


rckymtn's picture

Orange, What did you do?


What did you do?  Interested to hear your story.

silver66's picture


Can you post to the health forum



Safety Dan's picture

A house built by a

A house built by a traditional home-builder costs around $250,000 - and requires all kinds of labor, permits, engineering stamps, etc. - can take 6 months to a year to complete.

Now, a 3d printer can get the same job done in a single day for $5000 - and requires no workers. 

3D printers print ten houses in 24 hours

Silver Sooner's picture


I fully intended to be back at home tonight and on a real keyboard, but my earlier travels to take mom to a follow-up doctor's appt has turned into an overnight at a hospital two hours from home. This is coming from my smart phone on a hospital this won't be what I intended.

The nutshell version is that once again our contact has given a specific date for a major game-changing event. She has never said what, but we take it to mean the invasion. She did add today that while everything has already been decided, the only question is how many people need to die first. Her response to the May 6th question was that she "trusted it too." So, it is possible that I will end up looking like a fool here, but I'm confident enough in her source(s) to stick my neck out (but not ready to eat my yellow hat that I won in one of Turd's contests). Anyway, she consistently tells us to turn off the tv and stop reading news as all of it is lies (both sides).

Sources aside, did anyone but me find it strange that Putin made his surprise statements today after meeting with the Swiss president? [insert preferred conspiracy theory here]. His body language didn't seem that he liked what he was saying. That, and the troop withdrawal comment was total BS.

Timoshenko was caught in another gaff where she is on video telling Odessa city leaders that they need to organize a provocative attack against WW2 vets this weekend. She seems to get crazier everyday.

A new interesting trend is that Rinat Akmetov is reported to support the rebel movement in the east now. Recall, he is one of the major oligarchs and THE oligarch in the Donetsk region. Until now, it wasn't clear which side he was with.

Some journalists have said that maybe Putin's referendum comment today was to distance himself from what comes next. With the Victory Day coming up Friday, Timoshenko's comments, and what our source has alluded to, I think this weekend may see a very tragic event with significant numbers of casualties (thinking Odessa or Kharkiv as these are key centers of gravity that don't seem to be definitively controlled by either side).

Living in Tornado Alley, you know when conditions are prime for a tornado and when they aren't. I'd say the forecast for severe events in Ukraine this weekend is extremely likely, but that doesn't mean a twister is for certain. Like I said, not willing to eat my yellow hat over any of this ;-)

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