Et Tu, Part Two

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For your weekend pleasure, here's Part Two of The Golden Jackass podcast.

In the second half of our visit, Jim Willie discusses in detail the changes that he sees coming to the global financial system, changes that were once thought to be a few years away but suddenly seem right around the corner.



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darn first


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Some confusion


Let me try to clear this up a little bit...

The close yesterday was extremely bullish. To put on a weekly close above $1376 would normally be your clue that gold is about to surge to $1430...and it likely will.

But what about this current time is "normal"? Not much. Price is surging higher as Spec money is pouring into paper gold. Surging in spite of the efforts of The Banks to supply as much paper as they can. Preliminary numbers for Friday now show total gold OI to now be approaching 430,000. This is UP 44,000 contracts since The Crimean Crisis began and is the highest OI for gold since last July. Does anyone doubt that most of that hot money will immediately head for the exits IF the Russians suddenly and completely reverse course in Crimea/Ukraine? Price will drop precipitously and it won't be because of a "raid" or a "Cartel Smash". It will simply be this late-coming spec money all hitting SELL at the same time.

So, stay nimble and on top of things. Diligently watch the headlines. It's going to be another wild week next.

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Yee freaking haw!!

edit.... Second :(

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Wow, sleep late on Saturday,

Wow, sleep late on Saturday, wake up to leftover grilled jackass, AND get first post?  How can it get any better than this?

Edit:  Jeez, 4 posts in a single minute?  This place is hoppin'.  Guess I'll have to settle for fourth and hope the jackass reheats well.

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be careful. the NSA is running the show.

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Thanks, Turd, for making these posts open .. helps to encourage potential turdites.


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Always  great to hear from

Always  great to hear from Jim. Keep up the great work TF!  
We had David Morgan on M&M this week- he makes the case that the final blow-off mania top in gold and silver are less than 72 months away. 


Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Silver expert David Morgan joins SD Metals & Markets for an explosive show:

  • David breaks down this week’s trading in gold & silver: David states that silver is forming the most bullish cup & handle formation possible, and joins The Doc’s sentiments that you do NOT want to be short gold or silver this weekend ahead of the Crimea referendum
  • David provides his medium and long term outlook for the metals, including when the next avalanche of momentum buying to the upside will come, and predicts when the final blow-off top to the long term secular gold and silver bull markets will materialize
  • The Fed’s custodial treasury bond holdings plunge by $105 billion in the past week, as Russia likely pulled their t-bond holdings from the Fed to prevent an asset freeze in response to the annexation of Crimea (Putin is 1-stop ahead yet again)
  • We break down the build-up for war, and what to expect this weekend as the dominoes begin to fall in Ukraine.  Are we on the brink of a military confrontation between two nuclear superpowers?​

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Am I late to the party again

Am I late to the party again, or did someone just dump 100 Billion in Treasuries??

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Top Ten

Looking forward to the second half

Here is my top ten list for stackers 

1- Buy Gold

2- Buy Silver

3 thru 10 repeat as necessary


Stack till it hurts

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Thanks, Turd and Jim, for the great podcast. Jim, if you read these comments, I just want to state for the record that you rock! Also, in your next podcast could you try to forecast what life will be like in the post petro dollar world for the average turdite stacker in the USSA?

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The back half of the Jackass


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Bullish % gdm

been following the "bullish percentage goldminers" gained 3 points this week to 43.3. Medium term tops usually don't come unti this gets to 70 or 80.  hmmm!

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this one has really broken down this week.  Death cross not too far away as well. All looks good technically speaking.

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Jackass and valor de la mierda de dólar por PMs??

Turd and Jackass, thanks for providing us all with some great insights on this “Ides of March . . . in the midst of some truly chaotic times and shifting global economic paradigms.

Any thoughts on the value of the domestic “Sh*t” Dollar when purchasing PMs.  Will it also be diminished by some 33%? in purchasing power? 

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Cup & Handle Breakout – chart videos

Super Force Precious Metals Video Analysis
posted Mar 14, 2014

"Our main format is now video analysis..."

Here are today's videos (link to 4 videos):


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Further to Turds comments

it always makes me suspicious of the neafrious forces we fight against via stacking, hence attacking our fiat based system.

It was with this thinking that i am again flat my trading positions in to the weekend , long my stack and core pm stocks.

I think we are in for a smack down the likes of which no one see's coming (even me!).

Addendum,hope i'm wrong.

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Financial collapse in US if Russia sells Dollar Holdings

John Williams -ShadowStats - Financial collapse in US if Russia sells Dollar Holdings.

Gold to be the safe haven;

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Russian Troops 'Invade' Gas Facility On Ukraine Mainland

Russian Troops 'Invade' Gas Facility On Ukraine Mainland

​Any calls if this escalates and price of gold on monday?

I have a feeling U.S will NOT do anything there. We will back off and Putin will take over Ukrain parts he wants. 

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Bill to make Gold & Silver legal tender in Arizona

Very interesting article concerning silver & gold coins minted by the state to be legal tender & help protect the citizens from the continued devaluation of fiat - FRN's

​I hope this connection below gets you there.

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Excellent podcast

Loving the banter too. Thanks so much for sharing this, its a great listen.

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Kitco's Latest Can Kick (v7.0)

​Our friends at kitco live to fight another day.  Not as long as they asked for but another extension none the less.

Wonder what an audit would show?  Guess it would have been a bad weekend to end the charade.


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silver & gold coins minted by the state

Article I Section 10  No State shall ...coin Money

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@deacon b

i went back and read the linked article.  no reference to state minted coins.  that got conflated later.

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coin money

I am fascinated by the history of privately minted coins (legally minted) in the 19th century -- individuals and companies had a power denied to the states. 



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@ metalsbyamile ...

"I think we are in for a smack down the likes of which no one see's coming (even me!)". 

In paper? I couldn't agree more with you. In physical? Not going to happen!. The much anticipated paper/physical divergence is right in front of us. It will surely be something to behold. Paper is about to be torched!

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I'm curious why American mints and citizens don't use the same standards used before. They worked. For instance, instead of $, use "DOL." or "DOLLARS" as shown. Nobody has exclusive rights to the use of the word "dollar".

Personally, I would be putting "TEN DAYS OF HUMAN LABOR" on a 1 toz silver coin and "ONE HUNDRED DAYS HUMAN LABOR" on the 1 toz gold coin. Someday on the silver perhaps.enlightened

That might get the sheep to start thinking.

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I believe that the Liberty Dollar was deemed counterfeiting solely because it used the word Dollar.

Heavy jail time and complete banning ensued.

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