Et Tu, Jackass

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In this Ides of March Weekend special, The Golden Jackass returns to Turdville to give us his thoughts on current events.

This is actually just part one of two, all of which was recorded yesterday. The first section primarily deals with the Ukraine/Crimean Crisis and it's implications. Part Two, which I'll post tomorrow, deals with many other topics.

For now, just kick back and relax while enjoying yourself some Jackass.



dgstage's picture

good morning

Deals with the devil require a blood sacrafice :Son of former head of Goldman Sachs and MF Global found dead

Big L's picture


Friday Jackass! My Favorite.yes

And.... second or third or something......

squib's picture

Always entertaining

Jackass in tha mornin'!

C'mon fellas, 2014 is going to be a fantastic and wonderful year filled with peace and prosperity and truth. Oops, I just stepped on a leprechaun. He's been svaboda'd.

AlienEyes's picture


I'll take the Fifth.

silver66's picture


I guess I will make an Ass of myself and do no work this morning until I listen


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Seventh heaven and a Willie weekend!

Thank you very much for making this public, Jim  Willie is a fabulous asset when someone is trying to figure out what the hell is going on!

It always helps to grasp the larger  geopolitical games at play, in order to figure out where this is headed, so that we can plan accordingly. Jim Willie does an exquisite job at connecting the dots.

Now for a listen…smiley

ancientmoney's picture

@dgstage re: Corzine's son . . .

Eerily similar to the "suicide" of Bernie Madoff's son.  The fact that Corzine was never charged and Madoff was convicted is not the connector.

The connector is that both men know way, too much.  A warning shot delivered to each?

Undecided's picture

Coulda been 10

But no I was over at provident making a purchase using the new electronic check method.  Can't wait to listen to this later this afternoon.  Up the ladder I go.

dgstage's picture

The Jackass

Ready for part two!

sierra skier's picture

Just missed

Oh well. Jim Willie is great.

ag1969's picture

Turk followed by the Jackass!

What a happy day!

In honor of some Friday Jackass:

I will listen to this today as I install a new dishwasher.  Cheers everyone!

R man J's picture

While Listening to Willie re:Provident

I tried Provident's e-check on Mon 3/3. There is still 4 days wait to ship. It saved about 3-4 days versus mailing a paper check. Just ok- not great. But their product quality & price are the best, equal to APMEX from my experience. .

Bollocks's picture

Now stop that, it's silly!

Gold and silver need some discipline this morning.

Human Mushroom's picture

I must have had fun

Damn, that was the fastest half hour.

erewenguy's picture

Pop Pop Pop - that sound you

Pop Pop Pop - that sound you hear is gold and silver breaking out of their tombs

Dr Jerome's picture

sheer enjoyment

But it's not Jim Willie, I'm talking about gold & silver prices today. What a nice surprise to wake up to at 6 am on west coast time! This'll teach me to sell the mining stocks after a small profit. At least I am still holding some AU options like Turds with Comiskey.

Groaner's picture


No red bars in gold since 6:30,  steady up..

it's a different ball game.. here we come $1430

Plus USD is falling, market too,, it used to be the usd would be rising on days like today..

going into the metals. real money for a change

Motley Fool's picture

This may be of interest...

To those who bought from Tulving recently.

"This is technically called a preference action, and the theory behind it is that any creditor who received funds (or more relevant in this case, precious metals), in the 90 day period prior to the bankruptcy filing, received preferential treatment. Therefore, under bankruptcy law, they are required to return what they received to the bankruptcy Trustee, so he can more fairly divide it amongst the creditors of Tulving."

Most relevant paragraph above.

Mr. Fix's picture

This may also be of interest...:>)

Gold Soars To Fresh 6-Month High While Risk Off Accelerates

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2014 - 08:57

Gold was gently levitating once again overnight but in the last few hours both gold and silver have taken off (with the latter breaking through pre-Putin levels) and the former breaking above $1385. Equity prices are tumbling from solidly green levels overnight - tracking EURJPY all the way lower - and Treasury bonds are well bid (-3bps today) with 10Y yields down 17bps on the week.

Groaner's picture


I bought from them maybe 2 years ago, no problem.

However I have a friend who bought last year and it took over 2 months to get his metal.

You cant trust anyone these days..

canadog's picture


interesting guy  where is the 2nd half of the podcast?

very entertaining and thought provoking

Hammer's picture

Out of respect for a veteran

Out of respect for a veteran British politician Tony Benn who passed away yesterday (88) and a man born a son of a lord who turned it down saying, ‘I am not a reluctant peer but a persistent commoner’

These are his famous five questions of power

"What power have you got?

"Where did you get it from?

"In whose interests do you use it?

"To whom are you accountable?

"How do we get rid of you?"

"Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system."

Groaner's picture

The PPT at work?

pumping up the stock market.. who would go long risk now?

Much4Him's picture

How many more

people connected with the financial industry will die before the lamestream media picks up on it?

tmosley's picture

Re Tulving

That is why you buy LOCAL.  Cash on the barrelhead is really the best way going forward.

Bollocks's picture

"How do we get rid of you?"


Mr. Fix's picture

Re "How do we get rid of you?"

Right now, all we have left is the Second Amendment.

If that falls, the answer will be “we can't”.

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