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Today's A2A guest was Greg Mannarino. Greg's free website, https://traderschoice.net, is very popular with traders worldwide and his daily youtube updates are often a must-watch wrap up to the day's events.

I think you're really going to enjoy this podcast. Over the 40 minutes, Greg addresses a bunch of topics, including:

  • How will The Crimean Crisis ultimately affect global markets?
  • What factors does Greg assess when deciding which options to purchase?
  • Is there ever a time to short high-flying equities like TSLA or PCLN and what indicators would he use to make a decision?
  • Are the miners in the early stages of a rally?
  • What was his best and worst trade?

If you aren't familiar with Greg's work, I urge you to give this call a listen. You'll likely find yourself becoming an avid reader of his site in the future.



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Could it be? Noo, it can't... but it is!

*Edit - Now that I've selfishly grabbed the title of first, I will read and listen to the content above yes


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first... or thurd.

do to a bit of comment spam...  but metalsbyamile gets second  ;-)

JPMorgan'ed from Fallon

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Well Im claimin second

Well Im claimin second...sorta

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This is terrific


Ripped from ZH:

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edit: oh bugger.

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Reply: First.....or thurd

Obo picture "let me be clear"

What's with the hand gesture? 

You are on the bloody phone......no-one can see you! MUPPET!


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Something smells. Pm stocks

Something smells. Pm stocks not confirming.Im flatenning out b4 the close, again.

Great post, Pod turd

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Something smells. Pm stocks

It's called a CAP! 1% up

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check out the silver chart... up in the high 21s mid day

Now check out the date on the top of the chart


2010 !!  So... on my 40 month chart silver hasn't really even moved!


I'm 100% with Greg as he said in today's A2A  that Silver (Real Money) is about to become biggest single asset 'Boom' in history.

But that chart is NOT the product of a traded market, manipulated or otherwise.

Every time the owners of the silver chart see the metals community talking about the silver market being 'manipulated', they probably wink at each other and LOL.

"As long as everybody thinks the chart is manipulated, they'll never suspect it's a fake"

"As long as everybody thinks the chart is manipulated, they'll never suspect it's a fake"

Now they are even pumping 'manipulated market' in the London Bros. owned media, that's probably the strongest 'Fake Chart' indicator yet.

But, either way, the silver chart's days of being the single reference for all the world's silver transactions are short short short, and then will be real Silver BOOM !

Another excellent A2A, thanks T, and Greg.



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Turd--Can't upload photos

to account. I am using firefox 27.0.1


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Fort Knox

Thanks to a tip from an SD reader, we have discovered the US’ official bar list of “Deep Storage Gold”  held at Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point, buried in a PDF file on the House Financial Services website.
Updated on Sept 30th, 2010, the document provides a full bar inventory including total bars, weights, and fineness of the US Deep Storage Gold reserves.


PDF link http://financialservices.house.gov/uploadedfiles/attachment_4_mints_schedule_of_inventory_of_deep_storage_gold_reserves.pdf

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Anything above 246.50 would


Anything above 246.50 would be a new high close for this 2014 rally in the HUI. Watch closely.

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Deep storage gold

Over 7000 tons are 'deep' storage. Hmmm.

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10 year yields.


double bottom almost there now on the 6 month chart.

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did not know Putin's 61 years old

From bottom of previous thread - not sure if this has been posted?

With Crimean appeal, Putin goes head-to-head with West over Ukraine

By Elizabeth Piper

MOSCOW Thu Mar 6, 2014 10:29am EST

(Reuters) - Almost certainly orchestrated by Vladimir Putin, Crimea's appeal to join Russia pits the president directly against the West in a standoff that has increasingly high stakes and unpredictable consequences.




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So Greg mentioned...

...at least twice that he believes especially in silver when it comes to the metals.  And I posted this from Hugo Salinas Price over in Cal's thread:


I wholeheartedly agree.  This whole argument that silver is not money is just nonsense in my opinion.

If this thread goes public, MF is going to come unglued!

Cue SS121 in 3...2...1...

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And furthermore


According to WGC data, the U.S. must have been a net seller over the next three years.

What do I mean? More in a brief podcast later.

<edit: Scratch that idea. I figured it out. The difference in the data is the gold allegedly held at the FRBNY.>

Response to: Deep storage gold
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Works for me with firefox 27.0.1.

Image upload size is limited to about 150kb. Maybe it's that?

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what the heck

slumber hours at 1351.50ish, and bang to 1354. Wat? Who fired first? and now to the podcast. Fan of Mannarino, so to the a2a which should be GREAT as usual.  Good Call Turd, Mannarino is very solid. Next post is a real good one. Treasury indicated earlier, they would not sell the 8K tons, (german missing bars?) which will be needed in a reboot, as the last ditch defense to total anarchy. Maybe the FED unloaded every body else's gold, and that supply is running low. Maybe gofo indicates scrambling bullion banks. Donno, but its good news.

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Deep Storage Gold

Argentus posted links pertaining to this in his forum yesterday: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/389163#comment-389163

Included is the .gov website with the entire bar list here: http://financialservices.house.gov/uploadedfiles/attachment_4_mints_schedule_of_inventory_of_deep_storage_gold_reserves.pdf

What was most interesting to me, however, was the transcripts where the GOA accountant and a member of the US Mint discussed and answered questions from Ron Paul (chairing the hearing) and others.  Long read, but of great interest to us: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-112hhrg67936/html/CHRG-112hhrg67936.htm

For what it is worth, the guys giving testimony under oath swear that all the gold is there, that they have essentially audited the whole thing, and that none of it is encumbered in any way.  Unless these guys are straight-up patsies deliberately telling lies under oath (a possibility, of course), then GAO, US Mint, and Treasury officials have all provided sworn documentation that all of the gold is there. So either they are all deliberately committing felonies in verbal and written testimony, or the gold is there.

My personal takeaway-  Anything is possible, but I am heartened and encouraged that the gold reserves may be intact, and am less skeptical of this than I once was. Given that I have written several articles here questioning this, and have had photoshops passed around the internet suggesting Fed sales of US gold reserves, this is no small change on my part.   Maybe this is all just a ruse, but I really REALLY want to believe that US reserves are intact, because that would give us something to build on once fiat implodes.  If these people are all lying, then most likely we will see all our gold (and possibly silver) confiscated at some point, and none of us will win in this thing.

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Interesting move there.

somebody Painting?

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metals move

you notice how quickly it was capped. HUI broke above teh 264.6 level Turd mentioned, pulled back and now shooting up again.

someone having problems capping metals. The war intensifies.

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In the time since the A2A was over...

I could have created a document showing I have one trillion oz of Au, list a bunch of bar numbers (I'm a software guy, so i'd probably write a bit of code to make a long long list with random looking bar numbers), saved as PDF, and leave it somewhere to be "found" by the guy approving my loan request to buy an... island.

Just thinking out loud. :-)


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No last minute Stick Save for the S&P ?

ok a little one to keep the new ATH

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246.5196 for HUI

they took the 246.50 (Turds number) almost literally

oops--2 minutes after the close it was 246.49 now 3 minutes back above 246.52

da boyz trying to play around.

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Needless to say, I'm holding


Needless to say, I'm holding my options overnight, regardless of the BLSBS...


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No assault tonight

Crimea is now Russia.  They'll hold their referendum which will be in favor of joining Russia and the Russian Duma will promptly vote to accept Crimea back into Russia.  Any assault would jeopardize that outcome.  "Check" back to Woody.  

Donetsk & the Dombass region will be next, but it may be weeks/months/couple of years.  50% pension cuts won't win loyalties to the bat-wielding liberators in Kiev & Lviv.  

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