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One of the value-added services offered to Vault subscribers is a daily podcast where I summarize the day's events and opine on the world around us. At the urging of several subscribers, here's a republishing of about half of last Wednesday's podcast. At issue are the claims made by a former Fed official in a WSJ op-ed.

First, some background. In 2009 and 2010, Andrew Huszar was responsible for "managing" the purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities for The Fed's original quantitative easing program. Before you listen to this podcast snippet, I urge you to read his op-ed that appeared in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

One other thing...These daily podcasts are not scripted or produced. Oh sure, I have a few notes that help keep me focused but what you hear each day comes directly from the heart and mind of The Turd. Sometimes, when I get a little worked up, I can't help but lace the thing with some profanity. I'm sorry but that's just who I am. It's not over the top but, if you're offended by words like "bullshit" and "crapola", you might want to consider some other use for your $10/month. It is what it is and I am who I am....and I hope that most listeners understand the genuine quality of the emotion involved.

If you'd like to have these podcasts at your disposal each day, just click this link and sign up for The Vault. ( I think (hope) you'll find that, for 50¢/day, it's money well-spent.

Have a great weekend!


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