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One of the value-added services offered to Vault subscribers is a daily podcast where I summarize the day's events and opine on the world around us. At the urging of several subscribers, here's a republishing of about half of last Wednesday's podcast. At issue are the claims made by a former Fed official in a WSJ op-ed.

First, some background. In 2009 and 2010, Andrew Huszar was responsible for "managing" the purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities for The Fed's original quantitative easing program. Before you listen to this podcast snippet, I urge you to read his op-ed that appeared in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

One other thing...These daily podcasts are not scripted or produced. Oh sure, I have a few notes that help keep me focused but what you hear each day comes directly from the heart and mind of The Turd. Sometimes, when I get a little worked up, I can't help but lace the thing with some profanity. I'm sorry but that's just who I am. It's not over the top but, if you're offended by words like "bullshit" and "crapola", you might want to consider some other use for your $10/month. It is what it is and I am who I am....and I hope that most listeners understand the genuine quality of the emotion involved.

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Mr. Fix
Nov 16, 2013 - 11:11am
Spartacus Rex
Nov 16, 2013 - 11:16am
Mr. Fix
Nov 16, 2013 - 11:19am

Spartacus Rex


Nov 16, 2013 - 11:21am


my lucky day


Edit: aarrgghh Mr. Fix, foiled again

Edit 2: Why the F#&k would we do that SR? When we can get our name in lights wink

Spartacus Rex
Nov 16, 2013 - 11:25am



Nov 16, 2013 - 11:30am


For the benefit of anyone who (like me) fell behind on the twoshortplanks front over the last 6 weeks (conflicting priorities; too many blogs):
Thursday, 14 November 2013
Gold Epoch Approaches
Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Gold to fund Asian Empire
Thursday, 31 October 2013
Revaluing Debt against Gold
Wednesday, 30 October 2013
US Gold Treason
Sunday, 27 October 2013
China’s Bretton coup d'état
Wednesday, 2 October 2013
Gold, US sovereign coup d'état, and ‘Trading Places

Nov 16, 2013 - 11:55am


There was an interesting movie that came out in 1978 called the "Silver Bears" starring Michael Caine about a silver scam right at the time the price of silver went from $6.30 in 1978 to $35 in 1979. The subject of that movie typifies what it taking place today, however with different tactics. I discuss in my newest post:

SILVER BEARS: You Have Been Warned

Nov 16, 2013 - 12:08pm
Nov 16, 2013 - 12:24pm

Few weeks ago i mentioned

Few weeks ago i mentioned that botched Obamacare is the best way to create revolutionary energy in vast numbers of people in the USA. It seems that its ongoing sucessfully and is expected to create even more antagonism.

Now to make revolutions, first thing is to create revolutionary energy, second and most important to steer it in the right direction by showing ( propaganda job) the enemy, or the guilty. It is interesting that Obama took blame on himself. Obama can be thrown out, leaving the real culprits in charge of released revolutionary energy. They can be:

-Democrats still as they can distance themselves from Obama as he has taken then blame ( has been put in position where he has to take the blame); Or

-Right wing that had planted a nice sabotage in Obamacare rollout.

In first case we get a left wing revolution, in second- revolution towards fascism. Surprisingly or not, Obama does not figure in either prominently.

Of course, the revolutionary energy is still weak but the way things are done, it seems it will only increase in strength since Obamacare has not gone anywhere.

Whoever is/will be able to direct this energy against "enemies" will use it as bargaining tool in coming showdown in the USA between various warring factions relative to monetary issues and debt ceiling.

Whoever did it had thought out cleverly how to irritate millions of people without being obvious about it since the beginning. I mean, it is equivalent to gasoline tax or something like that that can obviously stir American public to action ( which will be guided where needed) without people realizing it ASAP, so this destabilization via botched Obamacare is quite clever stuff as it can be applied in a controlled way to increase or level off anger.

Spartacus Rex
Nov 16, 2013 - 12:29pm

@ dgstage - Good One!

Thanks for sharing!yes

Nov 16, 2013 - 1:08pm

Attack the cartel

Apologies for banging away at this concept and thanks for patience and consideration especially to Turd for but providing the platform for debate. If its better taken to the forums, maybe someone can point me where?

I'm finding it hard to let go of this idea. My idea is to attack the precious metals manipulation by leveraging up by use of the unmanipulated bitcoin market which is rising ferociously and showing little sign of abating.

If you buy $1,000 worth of bitcoins now and in one year use those bitcoins to buy $10,000 of silver and take delivery. In the meantime silver has most likely stayed stagnent or even fallen more. Due in large part to unrelenting bullion bank selling into the futures market.

Many people in the last thread gave arguments against bitcoins. Some of which I find it hard to disagree with.

Urban Roman -yes bankster could and will create bitcoins derivatives to ruin the market.

Bollocks - TPTB own the network. Not so sure about that but you might be right

Woofwoof- i dont agree that bitcoins are controlled by the PTB, it is open source and decentralised.

Rainforest/dailybell - might be correct that it was created by intel, as was Tor, personally i doubt that but open to the possibility i'm wrong.

JY896 - Tracabiltiy is a possible potential problem. 51% attack, maybe. Tor vunerabilities are worrying

All of these things are valid concerns, which maybe I should be more concerned about. But I'll restate my idea

Use an UNMANIPULATED market for stacking, until collectively we have enough resource to BREAK metal manipulation. Bitcoins might fail, but at the moment there is a window of opportunity to use it as a leverfor our collective resources.

Why not? its like David versus Goliath, he had to use a slingshot to defeat the giant. Maybe bitcoins, for a limited time only, is a slingshot.

Thanks for listening

Spartacus Rex
Nov 16, 2013 - 1:21pm

Americans Need To EXPORT These F*n A**holes!

Kudos To AWD for the Post


Posted on 16th November 2013 by AWD

The world gets more surreal every day. Not only are democrats pushing for immigration “reform”, meaning they’ll legalize undocumented democrats (1/2 of which will get on welfare and Medicaid), turns out business is pushing for legalization as well.

Their reason? “We don’t have enough American workers”.

This is utter bullshit. There are 100 million people on welfare, that don’t have to work, and make the equivalent of $36,000 a year tax free. A private sector employee would have to make $54,000 pre-tax a year to equal the cash and benefits welfare recipients get for sitting on their asses watching T.V. all day.

We have 100 million people that should be working instead of getting free shit at taxpayer expense, but no, we must let millions of Mexicans and other immigrants in to fill jobs? What has this country come to? Put the FSA to work for crissakes, Disgraceful…..

U.S. business leader remains confident Boehner will seek immigration reform
Reuters By Thomas Ferraro November 14, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the biggest U.S. business group, a traditional ally of Republicans, said on Thursday that he remains confident that the top Republican in Congress will push to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue said he is not worried about House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner’s refusal to negotiate with the Senate on its sweeping bipartisan bill.

Donohue said he supports Boehner’s decision to instead take a step-by-step approach with smaller measures to fix the nation’s broken immigration system.

“I believe it will get done,” Donohue said at a news conference attended by business, religious and law enforcement leaders, all of whom echoed his determination and optimism.

A landmark bill to bolster border security, help business get needed workers and provide an earned pathway to U.S. citizenship for up to 11 million undocumented immigrants won Senate approval in June.

But thus far, the House has passed only a handful of limited bills, most dealing with enforcement and none providing a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

Donohue promised to help Boehner get the votes to pass a series of bills to provide comprehensive reform, including a pathway to citizenship.

He said such legislation would be good for business, labor and the country, and that he expects final congressional approval in the first half of next year.

“We’re not going away,” said Donohue, whose business group, along with organized labor, helped craft the Senate bill. “We’re just getting warmed up.”


Nov 16, 2013 - 1:56pm

Rocco in your very own post

Rocco in your very own post you include

This declining trend is expected to persist in the medium term, with prices consolidating through 2016, CPM Group said in the study.

“After a couple of years of price consolidation, we do expect investors to come back into the market with renewed interest,” she said. “That is influenced in part by an (expected) acceleration of economic growth in the last half of the next 10 years. We do expect the economy to grow at a little bit quicker of a pace…and that will boost industrial demand, which will be positive for silver.”

So essentially prices are going to do NOTHING for at least the next 3 years according to that. That brings us into 2017, let's say we get back to $50 around 24 months after, that's 2020 time.

Use an okay % stock dividend as a gauge, holding silver will have resulted in a 40% plus fall in purchasing power if you bought anywhere near the highs.

That is utterly devastating and it's at moments like this that I fall into a state of despair, because while I believe we are near a bottom. We are at such a low level that I almost find myself saying so what if this is the bottom?

Do you know what, I have been reading about China's plans to move away from the export market and then the realisation dawns on me that with a population of over 1 billion it will take a bare minimum of a decade for them to achieve this. The dollar is going absolutely nowhere, over the next 5-10 years it may get used less. However this spectre of the dollar crumbling to dust is just such nonsense. "A major dollar devaluation" uh huh, well if that occurs, the other currency's will follow suit.

I am utterly kicking myself for buying into this propaganda so willingly.

On that note, more swedish cider, so whatever, yes, I am venting, but there is only so much bullshit that I can stomach.

Nov 16, 2013 - 2:25pm

Another Scandal??

U.S. Investigates Currency Trades by Major Banks ...

Eric H. Holder Jr., the U.S. attorney general, says groups of traders from several major banks may have influenced currency benchmarks to benefit their employers. dealbook-u-s-investigates-currency-trades... Will this be BIG like LIBOR or will the banks get a slap on the hands, shrug, and pay a minor fine? {Use link or google headline = many sources}
Nov 16, 2013 - 3:12pm

No Bull Pod

Thanks TF, a good listen and valuable lessons, for the new members.

Nov 16, 2013 - 3:21pm

2013 America the Beautiful 5 oz silver coins

Based on limited production numbers, past price changes and the curtailment of ASEs for about a month, I expect that the 2013 ATB coins will receive more attention. For 2013 the following coins were issued with the approximate number made: white mountain (35,000); Perry's victory (26,800); Great Basin (27,800); fort McHenry (29,600); and Mt. Rushmore (25,100). I like the Ft. McHenry coin the best.

Because there will be limited production of ASEs people who want to buy silver may look to the ATB coins. They sell at metal prices but have the possibility of appreciation as coins due to relatively low production.

Turd's podcasts are great!

Nov 16, 2013 - 3:39pm


Can you tell me where you got the mint production numbers for the ATB coins? Thanks for posting the 2013 numbers.

Nov 16, 2013 - 3:41pm
cavalier SilverRunNW
Nov 16, 2013 - 3:55pm

Number is from US mint

The numbers I used for ATB numbers came from the US mint site. While it is possible they could increase the number given the fact that ASEs are being stopped probably due to silver shortages, I doubt the production will be more .

they underproduced in 2010 33,000 each coin, overproduced in 2011 starting with 126,700 and ending with 48,700 and underproduced in 2012 about 24,000 each.

Nov 16, 2013 - 4:06pm


The CPM group, in cooperation with the Silver Users's Group have always put a "lower demand" and "downward pricing" spin on the silver market. Gee, why would they do that? Well, if I were a large corporation that uses a lot of silver, I'd like to buy it cheap. The CPM group can't be trusted.

And I bet you already know this, don't you daveyboy!

As far as the dollar, just hang on to your seat. It's already been devaluing as we speak. All those dollar reserves held by foreign central banks will wash up on our shores, and has actually already started. Hell, it made the 10y/30y treasury note interest rates almost double over the summer.

Since February 2014 and up until August 2014, foreign holders of debt have sold 123.9 billion of their US treasury holdings. Those are dollars washing back to our shores. This trend will likely continue.

But I bet you already know this daveyboy. I just don't take your contrary views as genuine, but rather misleading and deceptive.

Nov 16, 2013 - 4:55pm


For heaven's sake don't double down on your losses, get thee to equities as quickly as possible. Didn't you hear Janet, more, more, more. That money should go up, up, up. You could use a 2X or 3X the market and be so much happier. Tons of blogs out there that would surprise and delight you, escape the misery now.

Nov 16, 2013 - 4:57pm

How the Mighty Eventually Fall

November 16, 2013 by Martin Armstrong How the Mighty Eventually Fall

jp-morgan Bldg

The embattled JP Morgan Chase drowning now in various legal battles with both clients and regulators has agreed with 21 institutional investors to pay $4.5 billion to resolve claims the bank sold faulty mortgage securities according to Bloomberg. This is just a preliminary deal that covers 330 mortgage bond trusts issued between 2005 and 2008. Drawing first blood from JP Morgan, the favorite son Goldman Sachs who allegedly controls most regulators in the US and Europe not to mention politicians, has lost its shine and will become the next target.

Nov 16, 2013 - 5:03pm

Oh goodie, another fake "Whistleblower"

Yes indeed, QE is basically a perpetual "prop up the banks failure" as Turd has been declaring for months.

But there is a reason this was "officially" announced on CNBS and all the other major financial news outlets.

So why is the fake monetary system now rolling out their fake whistleblower/insider to "reveal" this via their MSM?

Because the owners of the World Fiat Currency system (London Bros.) need to take down the world reserve currency a notch or two before they attempt to implement some new technologically advanced gold related 'digital'esque currency.

"FMR FED OFFICIAL, I'M SORRY, AMERICA" That was the real message. Yep, the ole Fed did the best they could, but QE is a dud, and this guy- Andrew,.... well, he is sorry blah blah blah...

It's just buildup, promotion,... hype. Andrew going on CNBC to promote the upcoming London Bros. New World Currency rollout is like when a Hollywood actor goes on with Leno or Letterman to promote the upcoming release of a movie.

Only Silver and Gold are Money

Silver is returning to it's world monetary role, and that will be the fake market/WFC system killer.

Stackers who are not lead astray into the epic Bitcoin (or similar) box office flop will be greatly rewarded.

Nov 16, 2013 - 5:26pm

@ CL et all

Good site all the time


There used to be a fear that once a municipality had stiffed bondholders in bankruptcy court, it would have trouble accessing the credit market again for a while, that it would be frozen out by investors who recognized the risk of reckless behavior and wanted to be compensated for it. But now, instead of forcing the municipality to get its financial house in order, bankruptcy offers an efficient method to live beyond your means and do dubious deals, then slough off that debt and get more money from new bondholders without even a pause. And start all over again.

Other cities are already trying it. Vallejo, a Bay Area city of 115,000, emerged from bankruptcy two years ago and is still struggling with soaring pension costs that had been left untouched. Yet, about a month ago, it was able to sell some bonds that will keep it afloat a while longer. And Stockton, another California city that went bankrupt, was able to borrow $55 million in new money to pay off some old water debt.

These pale in comparison to Jefferson County’s $1.8 billion in bonds, sold while still in bankruptcy. And then of course, there will be Detroit.... The discipline of the market has been squashed. One of the Fed’s most admirable accomplishments. And one of the many hallmarks of the greatest bond bubble in history.

But what will it do to the many deeply troubled municipalities? The lack of penalty and the availability of new money will encourage them to file for bankruptcy to wipe off in one fell swoop the sins of the past – only to commit more sins with new money, even more freely! More and more muni investors will be sacrificed on the altar of the Fed’s policies. And the Jefferson County bond deal might just be what it takes to open the floodgates.

MUDbone Mantis
Nov 16, 2013 - 5:31pm


Bitcoins are going up because of pure hype and speculation. They are not a currency! People don't hoard currencies, they spend them! How many Bitcoins do you own? How much did you pay for them? Why the fuck should someone pay over $400 for something that was worth pennies a few years ago? The only reason is because people like you are pumping them non-stop talking about how high they could potentially go.

99.999999% of the population and businesses have absolutely no need for Bitcoin. I don't trust it, or it's suspicious founder one bit! If I want to buy something online I WANT to use a credit card. NOBODY fucks with me online when I use a credit card, because if they do then my credit card company will fuck with them! It means I am taking almost zero risk when I shop online! Plus I get rewards point! Plus I don't give a fuck if they know what I am buying because of the security that comes with using a credit card.

If I buy something with a Bitcoin, odds are I will get fucked over somehow and have no recourse to go after the vendor. Alex Jones and Peter Schiff agree with me. Alex believes that TPTB are running up the price on Bitcoin, creating a mania and will destroy it at a certain point! I agree with Alex on this one! Peter thinks it is nothing more than a speculative bubble!. The media are very positive on Bitcoin for some reason, yet negative on gold? Images of Bitcoins are that of gold coins. The mainstream media talks about people selling gold and putting it into Bitcoin like it is a smart move. A broke ass mining explorer is now becoming a Bitcoin exchange to finance its company, V.AIX.

Max Keiser, the guy who pumped silver with his buy silver, crash JPM campaign is a huge Bitcoin pumper! If it wasn't for Keiser's hype, silver would not have been bid up like it was to the point of it crashing! I believe silver would be much closer to $30 today if Keiser and others didn't hype it so much! Bitcoins are nothing but fucking hyped up useless digital crypto tulips, and I am sick of pumpers like you telling everyone how Bitcoins can only go up, and are a sure way to make money. When Bitcoins collapse, they will collapse into a vacuum because there will be no short covering to stop the plummet! Nobody knows when it will happen, but I trust Peter and Alex on this one!

Nov 16, 2013 - 5:31pm
Nov 16, 2013 - 5:41pm

Swedish electrode suit eases paralysis [silver wires]

Science & Technology

Swedish electrode suit eases paralysis

Little Gustav can now play on his own, thanks to the Mollii suit. Photo: Inerventions

Swimsuit fabric and electrodes give the paralysed back their legs... but for everyone to benefit, the cutting-edge invention needs a healthy dose of old-fashioned Swedish solidarity. Will state-funded health care embrace the suit that is cheaper than conventional treatments?

Those who suffer from spastic paralysis may have a new best friend... and her name is Mollii. Her "father", Swedish chiropractor Fredrik Lundqvist, was tired of hearing that there was no cure for his paralysed patients.

"I worked on rehabilitating a patient with MS (multiple sclerosis) for eight years, and I watched him deteriorating. I watched him getting killed by MS," Lundqvist told The Local. "Something had to change. Something told me I had to work with it. So I stopped working as a chiropractor, let everything else go, and started experimenting."

Lundqvist also enlisted the assistance of Johan Gawell and Jonas Wistrand, researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

The result five years later is Molli, an elastic suit equipped with silver wires and electric stimuli targeting as many as 42 muscles in the body. The suit, powered by four AA batteries, is programmed specifically for each patient and stimulates muscles, easing tension and increasing mobility. Mollii was tested by some 45 patients at the prestigious Karolinska Institute near Stockholm, where every participant reported "experienced improvements in existing function or quality of life".

Spastic paralysis involves involuntary spasms and contractions of muscles, and the associated loss of control over muscular function. It's a common symptom of many types of neural damage, including Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. But it doesn't have to be permanently crippling.

“Disabilities like cerebral palsy and MS are usually regarded as something you cannot change,” Lundqvist said. “You get dealt the cards, and if you have bad cards and you have to live with it. But it's not true. These patients all have potential. We can teach these children how to move. We cannot give up on them.”

The suit provides therapy similar to a method called transcutaneous (through the skin) electrical nerve stimulation (Tens), where low-voltage electrodes send signals that disrupt signals of pain normally sent to the brain. However, Tens is conducted at a clinic and requires transportation, hours spent at the clinic, and patient immobility. With Mollii, patients won’t have to look any further than their own wardrobe for treatment. The suit is designed to be worn at home, and just a few hours in the suit can provide up to two days of relief from spasms and tension.

The Mollii suit by Inerventions

“The problem is that 80 or 90 percent of the treatments for paralysis do not involve movement at all,” Lundqvist told The Local. “The thing that wakes up neuron plasticity in the brain is exercise, sensory input from the body. So that’s what we’re giving. If people move better, their brains get better.”

Nov 16, 2013 - 5:42pm

Is it just me or

Is it just me or is Turds laugh sounding a bit more like Jim Willies? =- )

akhutch SilverRunNW
Nov 16, 2013 - 5:50pm
Nov 16, 2013 - 6:13pm

DeaconBenjamin, my thoughts only...

PMs in medical services. This is a double edged sword; you want people healthier and if silver can do it, great! Also gives good reason to vilify PM holders when the PM you hoard is "needed" by medicine for "the people". Building their case now.

Haven't you noticed lately?

Prostate troubles? Cure it with gold.

MRSA? Silver is the natural answer.

And don't forget, didn't we just determine antibiotics are becoming basically USELESS so we will have to revert to silver?

Only a barbarian would hold PMs to themselves if scientists needed it to keep babies alive. See?

**back to moving***

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