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OK, so here's the deal. We've made it through the doldrums. For over 100 days, gold and silver have based and consolidated and, this week, they have finally broken out. Now, before the fireworks begin, we have a 3-day weekend. Knowing that you've got some time to kill over the next few days, I figured that today was the perfect time to give the mic to The Jackass. 

But here's the deal: This is not your usual podcast. Knowing that you had all weekend to listen, I let Jim go and responded with an interview that clocks in at an hour and ten minutes! If that seems like a lot, please break it up into parts. Jim covers an extraordinary amount of information here and it is imperative that you listen to the entire thing. And, what the heck? You've got three days. This should help you to kill the time.

One last thing, Jim and I struggled all day to get a good Skype connection. This recording was made while we had the best connection we could make but it still wasn't perfect. You'll notice several intervals where Jim disappears for a few seconds. Please be patient and hang in there. The podcast resumes each time.

Have a great weekend!



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Great Day - Can't wait until next Week!


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This is great! Thanks Turd! and Jim!

This is great! Thanks Turd! and Jim!

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Hmmmm  ? (ah, dang it).   Wait,  no one called Second yet.

SECOND !!!!!

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I'm a retard.  I had the first, but didn't write in the comment box. *hand slapping oversized alien fish forehead*

Anywhoooo... thanks Turd for all you do, I love the JW podcasts!  Can't wait to listen to it.

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Have a good Weekend Everyone!


It's always Darkest Before The Dawn... 

Thank you to all here, who have made it this far under great stress and obfuscation.

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Way Cool!!

Thanks, Turd and Thanks, Jim!!  I very much appreciate your time and your generosity!!

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# Se7en

Thanks big, yellow-hatted one.  A nice holiday surprise and we appreciate it.yes

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Stupid song, but fitting.

I got that stupid Mr. Rogers song running through my brain and it won't go away.

You know the one:   It's a beautiful day in the (gang-infested) neighborhood, a beautiful day for a......

Man, how I hate that song !

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There is no way you all listened...

To the podcast before posting "1st". :-)

I am just jealous and having some fun with you good fellows.

Enjoy the holiday!

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Heading for work

Will stop back later when business slows down.  I see metals are lagging back some.  Maybe I can afford that extra troy after all.  

Fingers crossed.   Later, all.

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Longer podcast...

= more information = happier bam.


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last minute candle...

mentioned it on the other thread but that mysterious ;) last minute candle appeared again today to drop the price about .12 again in actually the last 3-4 seconds.


go to the "T" time scale and the volume bars if you wish.

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Far out....

...but entirely plausible. 

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Jackass...Beast of Burden

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I listened to it all

my brain is bigger now too.  That Jim Willie is one passionate dude.  Great listen

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Grilled Jackass......YUMMY!!!


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Morgan Stanley Bouncing Checks!!??

Reuters Top Newshttp://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/31/us-morganstanley-smithbarney-idUSBRE87U0YY20120831

A poster in the previous thread put the text up. Bouncing checks from the world's largest brokerage...is that still a bad thing?

Edit: h/t WhyMeLord https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/206680#comment-206680

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Looking Forward to Listening

Thanks, Turd! I really enjoy listening to you and Jim. Your past podcasts with him were some of my favourites. 

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Mad as a box of Frogs

Love this interview! Recommend a subscription to the Hat trick Letter. It takes me hours to get through it, but Jim Willie never ceases to entertain with his knowledge, wit and unique writing style. Lovely stuff.

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Thank you! Great listen

I will have to listen to the whole thing again tomorrow with so many good details to evaluate. Thank you!

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Oh thank god!

Not narcolepsy just bad Skype connection.

You seem to be getting very comfortable with these podcasts Turd. Well done.


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VERY interesting podcast

I wish I knew the veracity of Jim's statements. He said some pretty profound things.

Some of it is easy to believe, other parts, not so easy to believe. But then again, things are going on now I would never would have believed before 2008.

He certainly paints a VERY REAL possibility of how an actual collapse could happen or even be engineered by "Eastern Countries".

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Very interesting podcast

The last time I heard, he talked about JPM implosion on the $2b loss and the figure was multiples larger. But so far, JPM has held its price.

Now we are talking about MS implosion but it is not showing on the stock price yet.

With such a big event, I wonder how it escape from manifesting in the stock price?

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The BRICS already trade

The BRICS already trade outside the US$ system, the recent announcement that Germany and China will utilise the Yuan and Euro. The rest of Europe will follow. It's already happening. The US$ is toast. The BRICS have already accepted the use of gold as a payment and Bernake waffles. Allegations of large movements of gold eastwards along with the vaporisation of Swiss gold.

Any of this your "back pocket" knowledge or is there more?

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Jim Willie says I'm bright..

Fear me.


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Astrocyles: $GOLD

Can't display the image from Stockcharts, but here's the link:



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Google Trends

"Gold Standard" had a big spike last Friday. It doesn't show today's trend yet but it could be big as well. If the MSM keeps hyping it the spike could be the largest for years or if they stop hyping it the graph will show a "LIBOR" peak then disappear. The sheeple will move on to graze in other more 'trendy' pastures.

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Kcap's take on the Willie interview

Turd asks why Morgan Stanley?

Let me answer the best I can.

Any one of the largest could go down first.  "They" (JPM and/or GS) will choose to take down Morgan Stanley.


Because the other two (BofA and Citi) do not have what JPM needs to survive.

-Remember the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics?  Remember the Octopus?

The British banking oligarchs (think Rothschild, etc) use the largest bullion/commercial American banks as their proxies to execute what needs to be done in the financial world.  This said, JPM can't die.  GS can't die.  For now....they at least need to be the last men standing.  Therefore, MS will be brought down.  Again, why Morgan Stanley?

Because it is Morgan Stanley with the massive derivative position that is complementary to what JPM and/or GS needs in order to keep sucking (like an Octopus) the life out of what is left of the banking industry.  This will also allow for the metals to go higher without JPM being destroyed.  Get it?  MS is their lifeline.  But, only through their demise and takeover.  You can bet 100% that it will be JPM who picks up the carcass of MS for pennies on the dollar post MS collapse.

BofA and Citi may end up folding as a result of Morgan going down, or at the very least, become crippled afterward....they will then sell off or dump lines of business until they are just a shell of what they are today.

European banks will fold as well.  Some say DB, who knows...but, it will happen.  But, its MS who is going down first.  Check the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's report on current derivative structures.  Look where MS is ont he list....right below JPM.  JPM needs MS like a vampire needs blood. 

But, to be clear....it is NOT MS's books that are currently blowing up.  It is JPM's.  They will get their "fix" and buy themselves another year or two after the takedown.  Watch and see if it isn't so.


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I Feel like an Insider

Every time I listen to a Turd/Jackass podcast I feel as though I'm privy to inside information about the machinations of the world as it really works.  I appreciate all the podcasts and am amazed at the connections, our dear mayor, Turd shares so generously with us. I gain insight or  learn something from every one of them. However, Willie connects the loose ends and offers clues as to what's about to happen in a way that really resonates with this grizzled old curmudgeon. Though he's verbose, everything he says carries great weight.

Jim obviously has some 24 karat contacts that feed him tidbits that allow those of us with critical thinking skills and are devoid of a normalcy bias a good look into the cons, scams and out right theft of the top of the food chain of the financial world.  I'm already converted so this information doesn't surprise me, it only strengthens my resolve to not just survive the coming maelstrom but profit from it.  

However, I'm deeply saddened by the huge number of people that remain oblivious. I am certain without a reasonable doubt that the current system is doomed and the easy fixes happened years ago. We're in for a real shit storm.

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