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Like many of you, I know what is coming. I can see all of the pieces of the puzzle but I don't quite have the knowledge and expertise needed to bring all of the pieces together into a clear picture. Jim Willie does.

In this podcast, Jim takes today's seemingly unrelated headlines of European sovereign debt, JPM hedging losses and paper gold price drops and ties them all together into a tidy little package that clearly shows where we are headed in the not-too-distant future.

I think it's safe to predict that you will greatly enjoy this podcast and rank it among the best we've had to date.



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Wow - second place?

Wow - second place? Not as exciting as the "real thing", but gosh, in these markets it's nice to win something!!

Looking forward to listening to the latest Turdcast!

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Great Podcast

Listening to the podcast now! These podcasts are my weakness. Whenever I listen to them I get itchy to go get some Phyzz. Keep on Stackin'. Looks like I'll be heading to the LCS later.

The motorcycle in the background was absolutely classic!

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Now I am going to listen to it.

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Not for nothing, but

Not for nothing, but Jimmy looks like hes one chromosome short from being  an alien.I mean the big yellow hat would look rather small on that cranium,I think.

Sorry man , Saw the shot I had to take itcheeky

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Count Me too!

Man... I have been waiting for this one!  :-) 

Turd you are rocking with the Podcasts... will comment more after the full listen!

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its tough

to be happy about falling prices. maybe we should be?

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per Jim's request


He sent me that distorted picture to use. Makes him look like this:

Pretty funny.

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(No subject)

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Jim is Big hat qualified!

Jim is Big hat qualified! yes

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Did JW just call you Craig? Now we are closer to knowing the Turd's true identity!

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Johnny P Morgan gets his

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Not sure I can agree with all

Not sure I can agree with all of Mr. Willie's views, but if you have one iota of interest in Biblical end times prophecy, his views on the new strengthened Euro are quite interesting.

He did guarantee we'll see a rally in Treasury bonds to help mitigate the JPM situation, so let's see where that goes along with predictions on GLD valuations.

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Heard that as well, but to me Turd is Turd and only Turd - Thurd time:)

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Jim looks alienized.

Jim looks alienized.

Captain pike is happy

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Craig must be his pseudonym. Turd will always be Turd!

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Turd, I am subscriber to the Hat Trick Letter, and follower of Mr Willie.

Strong work! Much appreciated!

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Mike Krieger: "Six Months

Mike Krieger: "Six Months Left… Can They Do It?"…-can-they-do-it

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The cat might be out of the bag, but just in case you want to bleep it out, it's at 25:21.


After further consideration, perhaps Jim thought he was speaking with a different Ferguson:

Edit 2: Again at 26:38. I fixed where I called Jim "Andy". This names thing is catching.

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New Delhi says no to total

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Global Superbugs Herald Age

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front cover

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Followed him near the entire time of his news letter.

His broad ideas have been spot on. Many of the specifics as well. Out of the box indeed.
Thanks Turd & Jim!

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I wonder how Blyth is doing today

check out the volume

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)


36.88 Down 3.86(9.47%) 3:22PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price

Prev Close: 40.74
Open: 37.14
Bid: 36.90 x 3600
Ask: 36.91 x 6100
1y Target Est: 52.80
Beta: 1.57
Next Earnings Date: N/A
Day's Range: 36.70 - 37.99
52wk Range: 27.85 - 46.49
Volume: 187,788,80
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Front cover sicker than the original.

You just got tipped.

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I saw that on Max Keiser's Blog and that was hilarious. What's even better was the title of his post... "Federal Lactation Bank"

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Congratulations, Turd!

Turd, when you started the Podcasts, there were two interviews I was hoping you would land....  Jim Willie is one, Santa is the other.  One down, one to go.....  Great to listen to you and JW chat about the current financial issues.  Thanks, Turd and Jim Willie!

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Next Hat Contest?

How about a date, time and dollar value of the silver price versus JPM share price cross over?

Seems there was lots of discussion about this ratio in the past (back in the heady days of hoping for silver to hang on above $36 for two consecutive months).

Great Podcast Turd.


PS Disregard the emails.  It's all good now.

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Hey Turd,

If you're too busy interviewing economic blogospherestars like Jim Willie, I'll gladly take the load of doing these other interviews of your back.

Man, that must be a drag! 

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