TFMR Podcast #16 - A Special Announcement from Andrew Maguire

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It with with great pleasure and excitement that I bring this podcast to you today. You've likely heard me mention for some time now that I had plans to "take the fight to them". Today, we unveil part of those plans.

It is very important, though, that you recognize one thing...this is not for everyone. In fact, of the entire population of Turdville, participation in this program should only fall to just a handful of very experienced and active traders. In no way do we wish to "conscript" anyone out of greed, fear or anger. We all have a role to play in this ongoing battle and, for this part of the fight, we are only looking for regular, "professional" traders.

Please understand, this is not just another subscription service designed to fleece and extort money from dupes and sheep. Andrew Maguire is very busy man who is already deeply immersed in his daily duties of advising hedge funds, institutions and even sovereign nations on their precious metal purchases. His intent in offering his services to Turdville is solely to create another "enveloping horn" of physical delivery against The Cartels. Though he will collect a much-deserved fee for his services and though this site will share in a portion of those fees, I ask you to trust me when I express to you the sincerity behind this effort. Any subscription fees collected will help TFMR to expand and grow and they will also help Andy to open more "fronts" in his ongoing battle against the Forces of Darkness.

If you are an active trader interested in learning as well as stacking, please consider joining the service. However, if you are part of the 98% of Turdville that simply stacks and prepares, you should still give a listen to this podcast. You need to get to know Andy because, going forward, he has promised additional podcasts where he will share more of his accumulated wisdom and knowledge with us. For this, we should all be very grateful and excited.

Any active traders interested in joining the service simply need to click the link below to get started:

p.s. I apologize again for some of the audio "challenges". This will hopefully be the final recording on the  software program that I've been using. Future podcast audio quality should be significantly improved.


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From the free-throw line... he takes aim.... he shoots.... and he scores.....

I have once again entered the Land of the First Club...

This Announcement, though, is the Star!

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Ill take 2nd

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from the last thread:

I read a comment earlier that said, and I am paraphrasing,

"Instead of telling people what to do, why not tell people what you are doing?"

My reply:

Just in case I may have a friend lurking here.


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Happy Easter Weekend Turdland

Great way to start the Holiday weekendyes

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Not a trader - but - I'm excited to listen to the Podcast - Thanks, Turd.

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Wow- Photoshop fantasy morphs into reality

I made this about a month ago after the fine Ned Neylor-Leyland podcast, humorously showing Ned, Turd, and Andrew in the roles of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Virgil Earp from the movie Tombstone...  I am sure this was the inspiration for the new service ;-)

Best of luck with this service and your strategy to encourage people to take delivery.

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Is he calling from under his duvet? A scuba dive? Sorry.  I'm sure it's really interesting.

Lumpy's picture

Just a heads up.

Blythe Masters is going to be on Power Lunch on CNBS.

I know...who cares.

Edit -  I wonder if gold and silver will get whacked while she's on.

beinki's picture

Great guest Turd

Stay safe Andy.

tpbeta's picture


Blythe just gave "the blogosphere" the metaphorical finger on CNBC.  That's you told, Turd.

Dr G's picture

LOL @ "calling from under his

LOL @ "calling from under his duvet". Really made me smile.

Good podcast content. Getting "the Whistleblower" is a big-time move.

Ned Braden's picture

I wonder if Blythe.......

Remembers the Bears Video referencing the Anaconda

Ferd Torgerson's picture

There You Have It, Turd

Saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.

"There ain't nothin' dirty goin' on."

Must be true.  It was on the teevee.

Dr G's picture

Blythe was just unhappy about

Blythe was just unhappy about the "blogosphere" that directed people to her blog page where everybody left unruly comments towards her in the comments section. Ahh, what a summer it was.

NEVER forget that, while we know Blythe for her master manipulation of our beloved precious, her true claim to fame is inventing the credit default swap. Said CDS has probably done more to ruin the lives of the average person than anything in the past few centuries.

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Indian Arm

Hi Turd,

         Great Interview.How about implementing the strategy in India as well?According to Indian time the COMEX opens at around 7:30 pm.It closes at around 11:30 pm.The Indian MCX follows the Comex price during Comex hrs & Globex in the morning to the cent.As you must be aware we Indians are the largest buyers of Physical as well as one of the biggest players in Futures market,I am seriously interested about the implementation inIndia.

Majority of the traders & general public are novice in India following idiotic intraday calls,unaware of the games of Comex & Fed;how it effects the price of Gold & Silver.The reasons for the price fluctuation doesn't exist;it simply happens.

Turd kindly & please pay heed to this request of mine.



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audio quality

turd, in addition to the audio quality issues, there are some of us who have hearing issues.  years of loud music, power tools, and gunfire have left some of us who don't hear as well as we did a while ago.  please consider a transcript option.  that might help until we in the geezer contingent develop vision issues.

Xty's picture

Ned Braden

Definitely bullish.  Capitulation abounds but the fundamentals are wickedly in gold's favour.

fnord's picture

I wish I had money. I'd love

I wish I had money. I'd love to play.

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Well, guess I need to go sell the stack.  She said that there's no manipulation.  Guess that's that.

But,  I have a dumb question.  The spawn of Satan said that "what most commentators don't see is that we take an equal and opposite position to hedge on behalf of our clients..."  Can someone please explain to me how an "equal and opposite position" is executed when a large entity dumps contracts representing half a year's worth of physical production in less than a hour?  Since this incident in question happened when only the COMEX futures market was open...just how would JPM accomplish that?

Magpie's picture

Amen, froggie

years of loud music, power tools, and gunfire

27" monitor fixed the vision thingy wink

Dr G's picture

Equal and opposite but not at

Equal and opposite but not at the same time? Short, long, short, long, short, long.

Silver Sooner's picture

@Dr G

Thanks!  I guess I inferred that a hedge would be at the same time.  Got it now!  wink

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Excellent Idea

... but this will hasten the day when the O'Bromney administration decides that silver is a dangerous drug (with exceptions for JPM, etc. of course) ...

Mario's picture

First? I'M IN:)

Plain and simple, I'm in. Let's give it a try :)

Dr G's picture

Brochure for Santa's house.

Brochure for Santa's house. Many of you may have already seen it:

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Satan's Hell Daughter - the Wicked Witch herself Blythe Masters

Propaganda From that CNBS clip Power Lunch for those that missed it

Notice her devilishly sinister grin when she denies JPM's silver manipulation:(the purpose for this nonsense interview IMO)

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Sure wish i could get in on this

I've been laid off from my job for almost two months, have about four hundred a month after all bills, and I'm not doing anything except sitting around applying for jobs, waiting. Would love to be a part of this.

Just a stacker....I always seem to miss being in the right spot at the right time. Always late.

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some questions

- what kind of money are we talking about, trading other words do i need hundreds in my account daily, thousands, 10 thousands?

- will for instance Interactive Brokers be a suitable platform for this trading? does one need additional IB subscriptions to enter certain countries/ markets

- i live in Europe..can you give an example what a typical day would be like in terms of GMT times? ( i bet Asian Turdites would like a time comparison too)

- what prevents the EE from subscribing to this service and derailing it ?

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