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Yesterday, I had an opportunity to speak with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. If you not already a fan of the daily "Ranting Andy" blogposts from Miles Franklin, you likely become one after  you've listened to this forty-minute podcast.

Brash, bold and insightful, Andy combines his expert analysis with a New York, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. The result is some of the consistently best PM analysis on the internet.

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Money Printing to Approach Infinite

The amount of money being created will soon be approach infinite.

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Turd....I'm thurd !

did I make Turd?? second....but technically third...  I wanted to be Turd. better than first. 

Andy is great, he may even be greater than Turd. 

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Dec11 OI


Continues to grow! Another 500 or so yesterday and the total Dec11 OI is back up to 737 contracts!

Someone/something is very, very interested in acquiring physical gold now, unwilling to wait for February.

On that note, the non-delivery month of Jan12 continues to see its OI grow, too. Up another 100 yesterday to 1319.

Very, very, very interesting.

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1. Gave Silver Eagles to my employees for their Christmas gifts.

2. Told my family members to donate all Christmas gifts to me to a local no kill animal shelter.

3.Last but not least, bought some physical gold and silver during this latest beat down.

Merry Christmas Everyone!   You guys are GREAT!!!

I look forward to this site on a daily basis. There are a lot of well informed, smart goldbugs here that I  learn from.

"It's Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air"

W.T. Ellis

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Turd, thanks for the podcast!

Turd, thanks for the podcast! I love me some Ranting Andy!

But seriously, thanks for a great year. You've put yourself out there (emotionally and financially) for the benefit of the community, and I know we all appreciate that. You are a gentleman and a scholar, and I'm happy to be associated with you.

The greatest thing about the PM community is that we have real people running the show. I Jim Sinclair and he responds--not once, but an entire email conversation about metals! I email Peter Schiff, and he responds! Turd is no different.

Merry Christmas to all. 2012 will be a great year. Lots of exciting things happening. If we are prepared, we should not falter in our views and morals.

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@ meegoreng1, Good for you


Good for you and your good deeds. Those deeds are what will separate us from the junk of the earth when TSHTF. It's called values and morals, and, contrary to what mainstream media would have us believe, most of us still have values and morals them and follow them on a daily basis.

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Interesting but....

How safe is the best guess ,even with your insights about these clever patterns.....  Isnt the PTB really clever too?? thats my concern....They show you a sly carrot stick and  maybe its a trap.

Charts show another wave going down in both gold and silver....but experts like  London Trader, and kyle bass, are saying ....the metals are getting scarce and that means we need to buy asap.  I believe the PTB are still very much in control of the whole rigged game.  The whole market is based on phony data, PPT   stick saves and end of day surges,  triggers of HFT computers,   an end game plan only They know, .... I smell a rat sometimes, and I wonder what the current scent    is wafting in the air. 

I see metals going down another wave, either soon or in the spring.  

On the S+P chart a subtle but presently visible...wave structure that is telling of a very possible Blast up to  1350 area  as a christmas  explosion of good cheer and  more PPT drama .   to end this awful year. and then watch out for 2012,and metals going down too.   I'll be happy to buy gold at 1500 and 1460 area 

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interesting, love the new

interesting, love the new layout where you put the speaker's bio below the mp3. good stuff turd. keep it comin.


Compare Gold Prices | Compare Silver Prices

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NOW THAT'S thinking like the true power........hehehehe.....they will move the direction necessary to screw the most people......they already know their essential path....just fine tuning the next set up

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@Turd. Donations and random process.

.Turd, this might sound super cheesy but I will toss it out anyway Could we *Flash* the Feed The Turd(Donate)on the Top Right with a blinking hat?(Purple would be cool) anyway just a thought. You could sent a subtle signal without having to ask until outright necessary. Flash of the Hat . Much appreciation, remain in Light./ Stephen7.///

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I have been pondering this question for awhile.

If someone has just $35 to spend on metals, thinking long term, which is better:

$35.00 worth of junk silver?

or $35.00 worth of nickels?

Apparently they are contemplating changing the composition of nickels to steel, so good bye nickel and copper. Another coin debasement on the way ...

Nickels are:

Metal Composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel

In colonial America there was a third coin that had no value, it was copper, and was used as a barter item to fill in when one didn't have enough gold or silver, a copper coin or two was thrown in. They would haggle back and forth over the copper rounds and how many to add to the purchase price. (This is what my coin dealer told me when he suggested I begin collecting pennies.)

I've gone through pennies, and lots of the good ones are gone.

I'd love some feed back as this is a serious question. I've got lots of single Mom friends or retired single women friends who would like to do something, and have very few resources.

Nickels or junk silver? What's your thought, if you have virtually no money to spend?

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I had no idea that the APMEX spread was $164

That perked my ears up, so I checked the apmex site myself for 1oz Krugerrands. Looks like that is absolutely true - if you pay with a CC. If you pay with a bank wire, it's $70.

Which sorta jives with what I've seen with Ebay - the "natural" spread is something around $60, but it fluctuates a lot. Of course with Ebay, it's all CC payment for the most part, so depending on the price that day and your savviness, you can either get gypped or get a bargain.

Checking the spread now, it looks like it's back down to around the $60 mark or so. I suspect it will widen again, the thing is always fluctuating.

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@Katie Rose,Both. Very

@Katie Rose,

Both. Very recognizable. Metal content in both higher than face and gives you options on both sides. If someone insists on only one go w/ AG as you can walk into a coin shop w/ a few pre 64 dimes and get 90% of silver content value. That won't happen with nickels , they are a nickel until there is a currency devaluation. Thank you for your from the heart comments we can all learn from. Have a wonderful Blessed Christmas.

The Reb

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I've heard of people getting that gold fever

And honestly, I don't really understand it. Put green antennae on my head, but I find it bizarre.

To me, they're just these lumps of metal. I don't look at them that much - there's really no need to when you know the chemical properties of the element. It'll never rust or go bad on you, no matter how crappy the storage conditions get.

Cynically speaking, gold is no more valuable that what other people say it is. To me really valuable things have descriptions like "food" and "water". Those things have value in and of themselves.

To own gold is to make a certain sort of bet. You're betting that things will go pear-shaped, but that they won't collapse into complete anarchy and disorder. If that happens, those canned hams and the ammo stash will be worth much more than some lousy gold coins will.

To me, it's a reasonable bet to make - all you have to do is look at history and then look at current conditions. But it's important to realize that you are betting on something in the future happening when you own gold.

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Off topic--the New Zealand quakes

Please remember our friends in New Zealand during their incredible challenge. To have some idea of what they are going through, click on the link below, select the option for the past week and watch. Unbelievable. This may seem crass; I mean no offense: the people of NZ are lucky in that they have no nuclear plants.

Count your blessings, and best to all.

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Did you kill the phone with a hammer?

Great podcast, really enjoyed it. Had to laugh when the phone rang and it sounded like you raced over to get it and kill it with something heavy. But the amusing moment didn't detract from the message - Get Physical. And as others have said, thanks so much for a truly special site and a great year of content. Thanks also to all the posters who have posted opinions and links that I have benefited from.

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My bad; double post.


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The spread on ebay...

Don't forget the the $20-$40 shipping fee the seller charges you to mail it insured priority with DC and signature receipt that the PO charges seller/sender $15-$20 for. I have seen auctions where shipping was over $50 for an ounce of Au.

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Very good stuff, Turd!

Your conversational style seems to mesh very well with Andy's.  I'm going to send a link to this one to some of the friends and family I've been trying to get to see the light.  I don't think this alone will be a eureka! moment.  But your conversation with Andy is very similar in tone to Jim Rickards' interviews on KWN and elsewhere.  Very calm.  Very matter of fact.  No shouting.  No desperation, nothing to detract from an uninitiated person seeing it as common sense.

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Exiled bear

I think a big part of the "gold fever" is the destruction of one concept and the birth of another.  In our debt based society, so much of what we're told is value is a promise, a series of future installment payments.  We pay for things with pieces of paper that no one thinks have any more value than a sheet off a roll of charmin but which every agrees to pretend has a certain value.  Or we pay for things by swiping a piece of plastic which tells a store clerk that this guy's bank promises that he's got the equivalent of X number of those pieces of paper and they're going to give it to you.  Everything is a promise. 

Nothing is actual value.  Gold and silver are money without any intermediate counterparty having to make a promise.  Experiencing the physical manifestation of that concept makes a person think about the long con we've all been living.

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great interview

thanks TF.  Great stuff as usual.

Enjoy the holidaze...enjoy the family.  That's what it's all about.


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The pumpkin crunch is all done and smelling up the house.  Want some?  Would love to give you each some....

Merry Christmas my dear comradescool

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Screaming Cookies for Santa

Candy Cane Smiley Thanks TF.....Happy Holidays everyone! 

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Turkey sharply increases its gold reserves

Turkey sharply increases its gold reserves

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I finally gave in and purchased a 2012 Perth Mint Dragon 1oz coin.  I knew it was way overpriced at $99.99, but it's more of the novelty for me, I just bought one.

So it arrives today, and shortly thereafter, APMEX lowers their price by $20.   And here I figured I had finally waited long enough, I guess I was a few days early...

I'll let you know the next time I'm going to buy a special coin, that pretty much guarantees an imminent price drop after I spend the money!

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awwww, DPH,

cookie homicide! crying

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dragon is $69 usd @ kitco hk

hope its pretty at 200%

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Favorite quote so far

TF: Do you have any  hope in the CFTC.

RA: (laugh) No.

Pretty much sums up the whole problem.


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Classy and thoughtful - you ROCK!

Merry Christmas to you, your employees and the animals you are helping... and to all here as well !


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