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Thursday Conversation - Michael Lebowitz


I've followed the work of Michael Lebowitz for years and have often linked to his research and analysis in my daily posts. It finally dawned on me...Why not ask Micheal to join me for a Thursday Conversation? He was happy to oblige and I'm glad that he did as this is a podcast you're going to want to hear.

Michael does great work as an analyst and commentator but he's also a registered investment advisor. You can find more information on his firm here: https://realinvestmentadvice.com

Through that website, he also publishes regularly all sorts of terrific economic analysis. At present, he's working on a series about inflation in the 1970s and how it's different from the inflation of today. On this next page, you'll find the first installment of the series as well as other great articles he and Lance Roberts have written: https://realinvestmentadvice.com/insights/real-investment-daily/

For today's call, I asked Michael to address several of the issues we've been discussing here in our daily podcasts. Namely...

  • Where is the US economy at present? Is it a "soft landing" or are hard times ahead?
  • Will the draining of the RRP account and/or the end of The Fed's "Bank Term Funding Program" in March have an impact on monetary policy and possible rate cuts?
  • What about inflation? Does Michael expect it to return with a vengeance later this year?
  • Does he expect fed funds rate cuts this year and, if so, when will the cuts begin?

There's a whole lot more in between, too, so please be sure to give this podcast a thorough listen. It was great to get acquainted with Michael and introduce him to TFMR. I hope to have him join us again sometime soon.


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