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TFMR Podcast - Thursday, November 16


It was another very solid day for the Comex PMs with both gold and silver advancing more that 1%. If we could just do that every day for a year or so...

Alas, it doesn't work that way and, after such a sharp rally the past three days, we're likely due for some consolidation and pullback tomorrow. But, maybe not. There is some data coming tomorrow that could help us and you never know how geopolitical tensions might impact things, too.

For today, though, let's just take stock of where we stand after a very fun 72 hours. Please follow along as we work through all of the...

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Key Economic Events Week of 4/8

4/8 1:00 ET Goon Ghoulsbee
4/10 8:30 ET CPI and Core CPI
4/10 8:45 ET Goon Bowman
4/10 12:45 ET Goon Ghoulsbee again
4/10 2:00 ET March FOMC minutes
4/11 8:30 ET PPI and Core PPI
4/11 8:45 ET Goon Bowman again
4/11 12:00 ET Goon Collins
4/11 12:45 ET Goon Ghoulsbee again
4/11 1:30 ET Goon Bostic
4/12 8:30 ET Import Prices
4/12 10:00 ET Prelim UMich
4/12 2:30 ET Goon Bostic again
4/12 3:30 ET Goon Daly

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