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Your Weekend Jackass


It's a three-day U.S. Market holiday weekend and it's somewhat of a tradition around here to bring in Jim Willie. So, here you go.

I had a time crunch in recording this podcast so we had to stick to a pretty strict schedule. However, there's still about 50 minutes of free range Jackass here and that's a lot to digest while you're flying, driving, walking on a treadmill or doing whatever else you plan to do over the weekend.

It's always great to hear from Jim and he's on point...and a little worked up...today. You might notice the volume level increasing from time to time but that's just a measure of how passionately Jim cares about the subjects discussed.

If you want to hear more, I invite you to visit the Golden Jackass website. There you can register for his newsletter, The Hat Trick Letter, as well as request a consultation.

Thanks again to Jim for his time. Have a great weekend!


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