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Thursday Conversation - John Titus


John Titus has been a friend of the site for quite a while but we've not had an opportunity to visit with him for a couple of years. We fix that issue today and what great timing! With all of the current banking "stress", I can't think of a better guest for this week's Thursday Conversation.

You'll likely recall John from all of the forensic analysis he provided on TARP and QE a few years back. All of that great content is still available on John's YouTube channel so you should be sure to check it out when you get a chance. He's also on Substack, Rumble and just about everywhere else. You can also find his work at Catherine Austin Fitts' Solari Report.

For today, I ask John for his opinion on the current state of the banking system and then we are off and running. Among topics that come up:

  • how these recent bank failures are not a one-off
  • the modern-day kleptocracy
  • the death of the rule of law in The West
  • how CBDCs fit into the picture
  • where to find information on the solvency of your own bank or credit union
  • and a whole lot more in just these 32 minutes

Many thanks to John for his time today. His expertise on these subjects is invaluable and I know you will benefit greatly from listening to this podcast.


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