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SPECIAL PODCAST: James Rogers, CEO of Clarity Metals


For our first CEO podcast of 2023, I found a company that is very intriguing. Please carve out some time over this U.S. market holiday weekend to give this audio a listen.

As you know, I'm quite confident in regards to the direction of precious metal prices in 2023 and 2024. Part of that is due to a return of physical commodity demand and a renewed commodity bull market. In turn, part of that commodity demand will be due to the ever-increasing demand for metal from the electric vehicle industry. And so, I'm always looking for new opportunities in precious and battery metals and, in Clarity Metals, I may have found both.

Just how much metal goes into a typical electric vehicle battery? See below:

An electric car requires 6X more minerals than a conventional car.

A typical 1,000 lb electric car battery contains:

190 lbs of graphite
130 lbs of nickel
90 lbs of copper
60 lbs of cobalt
30 lbs of lithiumhttps://t.co/qIxyXnLmWQ pic.twitter.com/FGw842uUX4

— Brian Gitt (@BrianGitt) January 11, 2023

To that end, you're going to enjoy this call. James Rogers is CEO of Clarity Metals and he introduces us to his company and it's potential resources. They have possibilities in lithium, gold and base metals and all of it is found in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Canada.

As you perform your own due diligence on Clarity Metals, you might start by researching the company through its ticker symbols of "CMET" in Canada and "CLGCF" in the U.S. You should also visit the company website and review the latest corporate presentation.

Understand this is a pretty small company with a U.S. market cap of under $20MM so it's not for everyone. As always, you must perform all of your own due diligence and assess your time horizons before considering any investment. Just because I like a company doesn't mean you should like it, too.

But Clarity Metals certainly touches a lot of important bases for me. I think you'll very much enjoy listening to James and learning more about his company.


This video was conducted on behalf of Clarity Metals Corp, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC and/or affiliates. For our full disclaimer, please visit: https://portal.goldstandardir.com/disclaimer/CLGCF-1

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