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TFMR Podcast - Thursday, September 1


The new month begins in the same manner as the old month ended...with commodities in the red across the board amidst a general liquidation as the POSX soars to new 20-year highs. Yuck.

But we'll see what tomorrow brings as this next BLSBS is a real wildcard. If it comes in dramatically below expectations, we're likely to get a brief respite in the selling. However, almost all "markets" are on the edge of a precipice and a strong BLSBS might just shove them all over the edge and into the abyss. So, be on the lookout at 8:30 ET. It's going to be a volatile day.

For this...

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Key Economic Events Week of 9/26

9/26 8:30 ET Chicago Fed
9/27 6:15 ET Goon Evans
9/27 7:30 ET Chief Goon Powell
9/27 8:30 ET Durable Goods
9/27 10:00 ET Goon Bullard
9/27 10:00 ET Consumer Confidence
9/28 8:30 ET Goon Bostic
9/28 2:00 ET Goon Evans
9/29 8:30 ET Q2 GDP final guess
9/30 8:30 ET PCE
9/30 8:30 ET Personal Inc and Spend
9/30 9:00 ET Goon Brainard
9/30 9:45 ET Chicago PMI
9/30 10:00 ET UMich Inflation Exp.
9/30 12:30 ET Goon Barkin

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