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SPECIAL PODCAST: Nick Luksha, President of Prospect Ridge Resources

Here's another new name for you to consider in the exploration space. Nick Luksha is president of Prospect Ridge Resources and he stops by today to explain why he and his team are so excited about the company's prospects in 2022 and beyond.

This is another company with which I was unfamiliar until a few weeks ago but what do we always state as two important metrics in exploration? Jurisdiction and Team. And why are these two factors so important? If the jurisdiction has produced results before and if the team has led other companies to success, then it would seem that you've got a pretty good head start.

To that end, let's start with Prospect Ridge's property and projects, the primary focus being in British Columbia. Of course, you can always find detailed information at the company website but here are a few direct links to review:

So the jurisdiction is interesting but what about the team? Besides Nick and his excellent group of geologists and directors, you should be certain to note that the CEO of Prospect Ridge is Michael Iverson. In his career, Michael Iverson founded Niogold Mining and co-founded Fortuna Silver. As Nick describes it, Mike was so excited about the potential for Prospect Ridge that he came out of retirement to run the company and he has taken a significant personal financial stake, as well.

Here are a few more links that you should be sure to review:

Again and as always...Do not simply take my word for this. You must perform all of your own due diligence while assessing your personal risk tolerance and time horizons before considering any investment in anything. To that end, more information can be found by researching the company under its ticker symbol of "PRR" in Canada and "PRRSF" in the US. Be sure to always check this website for updates, too: PRRSFNews.com

Many thanks to Nick for taking the time to inform us about Prospect Ridge. I very much look forward to following the company's progress in 2022.


This video was conducted on behalf of Prospect Ridge Resources Corp., and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC and/or affiliates. For our full disclaimer, please visit: https://www.goldstandardir.com/prospect-ridge-disclaimer-1/

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