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Thursday Conversation - A Covid Update with Chris Martenson


Many of you will recall that our friend, Chris Martenson, first warned us about Covid all the way back at the end of January 2020. His wisdom was extremely helpful then and his knowledge and experience is extraordinarily important now as we all hope to bring this pandemic to an end.

First of all, you might find that podcast from January 2020 to be of interest, given all that has occurred since. Here's the link if you want to listen:

Again, Chris holds a PhD in pathology from Duke University where he specialized in neurotoxicology. So if anyone is qualified to educate and warn the masses in this regard, it's him. With the pandemic having progressed to the current vaccine and/or lockdown status, I knew it was time to bring Chris back to TFMR to get his perspective on topics such as:

  • Is Covid a naturally-occuring virus or is it the product of lab research?
  • How are the mRNA vaccines constructed?
  • Are the vaccines useful and, if so, for whom?
  • How is the "delta variant" different from the original virus?
  • Which therapeutics offer the best hope for protection and recovery?
  • Does post-infection natural immunity offer protection from variant mutations?
  • Which is better at preventing re-infection...vaccine or natural immunity?
  • How does this pandemic eventually end?
  • And much more in between.

Many, many thanks to Chris for so generously sharing his time with us here at TFMR. For more updated and daily information, I strongly urge you to check out Chris' website, Peak Prosperity. Also, I believe this to be highly valuable information so please feel free to share, tweet and email this free, public podcast.


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