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Some Holiday Fireworks


I wasn't sure we could get it done but we did. So here is your holiday Jackass.

Again though, since this was put together on short notice, time was short, too. I'd promised MrsF my full attention Friday morning as we prepare Turdfork for the holiday weekend. This left little precious time to devote to our holiday Jackass call. However, in the time we did have, Jim did not disappoint.

Now understand this...

Speaking with The Golden Jackass is a bit of a holiday tradition around here and there are many longtime readers of this site who always look forward to hearing from him. Therefore, DO NOT give me grief about how Jim and his theories somehow "cheapen the message" of TFMR. That's BS. Jim deserves to have his opinions just as much as you deserve to have yours. Obviously, I don't agree with all that Jim says but I don't agree with all that ANYONE says...and you shouldn't, either. This site is about independent thinking and The Jackass is certainly an independent thinker.

All that said, if you don't like these occasional visits with The Jackass, then don't listen! It's not that complicated. If, however, you do like The Jackass, then you'll find this call of interest. In the short time we had, the primary focus was on two topics:

  • Basel3 and why now
  • the non-transitory inflation

As you might imagine, there's quite a bit in between, too.

Many thanks again to The Jackass for his time. Please be sure to visit his website and consider a subscription his The Hat Trick Letter for more information on all these topics.

Have a great weekend!


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