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SPECIAL PODCAST: Dr. Quinton Hennigh with an update on New Found Gold

We first introduced you to New Found Gold a few months ago. As with any new exploration company, things are moving fast and there are plenty of exciting new developments to report. So it was great fun and very informative to hear again from Dr. Quinton Hennigh. He's a close advisor to the company and he's here today to share some important new details.

Again and as always, never consider an investment solely upon one source or what you see and read here. You must perform all of your own personal due diligence and then decide if a company fits with your long-term objectives and risk profile.

That said, I think you'll find New Found Gold to be an interesting company. More information can be found by searching their ticker symbols of "NFG" in Canada and NFGFF in the Uinted States. You might also be sure to check the links below:

Toward the end of the podcast, Dr. Hennigh also discusses some recent developments at Novo Resources, too, so please be sure to give this podcast a thorough listen.


This video was conducted on behalf of Newfound Gold Corp, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC. For our full disclaimer, please visit:https://www.goldstandardir.com/new-found-gold-disclaimer-1/


Jan 28, 2021 - 12:15pm

nothing much to say today

Holy Mother, jumped up J***s

Here we go, we're on our knees, us

silver stackers know what squeezes

The bullion banks do what they pleases

We're soaped n' groped and double doped

We're rigged and frigged; manipulated

Why's this done? 'cause silver's hated

The stocks and bonds; trades over rated

Day trader Robinhoods obliterated

When setting teams; watch fronts and rears

Park your ego; know your fears

Check gas, start motor; shifting gears

Keep eyes on road or end in tears.

I gave a ten ounce bar of silver a squeeze, just a short one. It smiled and uttered a small coo of appreciation

Jan 28, 2021 - 11:17am

My day starts

4:40 a.m. est. by 7:30 a.m. I get a short break down on the 'river' I always ask the fishermen if fish are biting ...I already know the answer though, I can look at the water and see if the birds and the dolphins are around.

Only 'fools' ignore the bellwether ...the main thing I learned about the sudden 'ramp up' of BTC is that, Silver is nothing but a 'yawn' until it breaks $100

And now GameStop! Have the oscillations started?

I took a differential equations course in college. The professor was from Poland, I think. Though, he had a very thick accent, his descriptive language was awesome! He told us how during the war, the cadence of soldiers marching across a bridge, harmonized with the natural resonation frequency the bridge, causing it to collapse!

Is this a preview of "coming attractions?"

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse 1940
Jan 28, 2021 - 11:08am

Dr Hennigh & Goliath Resources

I recently watched another interview with Dr Hennigh regarding Goliath Resources (GOT on the TSX; GOTRF on the OTC). I had taken a position in this company about a month before this interview.

Crescat Gets Activist on Gold #14 - Goliath Resources Limited ($GOT)

I didn't listen to this interview on Newfound Gold yet but will shortly. My feeling has been that I missed the boat on New Found Gold so I invested in others in the area like Vulcan Minerals (VUL on TSX).

Jan 28, 2021 - 11:01am

Robinhood is now messing with the Reddit buyers

Latest from the thread says no more buying, only selling of GME, AMC and more. There seems to be an algo determining if you are allowed to buy or not.

Also the thread mod is attempting to keep shills and manipulators out, so the train doesn't derail.

My trading platform is extremely slow today. In other news go Ag and go AG!

Jan 28, 2021 - 10:15am

I guess you didn't notice.

Still sleeping? Didn't pay attention?

Price of silver? Price of AG?

Bit what? Who gives a f**k.

Jan 28, 2021 - 10:09am

so much chatter

about robinhooders and GME

AND not a single 'crybaby' comment that this is a 'metals forum'


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