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Ringing In The Jackass


2020 finally ends and 2021 begins. What better guest with whom to share New Year's Eve than our old pal, The Golden Jackass himself, Jim Willie.

Jim and I had scheduled 90 minutes for this call but we spent the first 45 just shooting the bull and getting caught up. In the remaining time, we rather broadly discussed:

  • the pending introduction of digital currencies
  • the bond market
  • negative interest rates
  • the post-January direction of the precious metals
  • and, as you might imagine, all sorts of stuff in between

Thanks again to Jim for so generously sharing his time with us. As usual, I think you'll find this podcast to be both entertaining and informative.



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Dec 31, 2020 - 12:44pm

Happiest New Year !!!

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters, my flesh and blood, you marvelous, incomprehensibly precious and beautiful beings. Just a quick note from my truest heart to yours. Since this is among the only forums I keep up with, and the only one I post to, I will give you my New Year's blessing..


Well done! You saw this all coming. You knew what was happening and you didn't believe the massive torrent of malarkey, unrelenting spewed from the bowels of evil, day after day, year after year, all our lives. You've been in the fight, and you've stayed right, because in the end you just can't lie to yourself and you won't give up...because they can kiss my ass, amirite? Even though your enemy is like a deity on this earth, and the power seemingly insurmountable, you were not sufficiently cowed so as to surrender your convictions or the vision of well being of your families and your world. Your wisdom will help to rebuild this place if and when the opportunity further arises. You are the monetary salt of the earth.

May you be blessed in your kneading bowl. May your cup overflow with peace and rest. May disease and pestilence be far from you and may you always have the wherewithal to hide yourself from trouble. May your eyes ever be fixed on truth and may you walk in the light of love forever.

They bought God's flesh with silver, but he gave his entire heart and being for us, because he loves us, a treasure far beyond treasure, the actual price for our souls.

What is seen is temporary. What is unseen is eternal. And the streets of heaven use gold as pavement.

May your new year and every year thereafter be unshakable!!

Dec 31, 2020 - 12:19pm

A New Year nothing like the Old Year

It is hard to believe another year has passed and we are now more than twenty years into the new millennium - a lot has changed in those 20 years..and not much of it for the better. As we approached the year 2000, there was much speculation about the New Millennium, replete with promises of a utopian future. As it turned out, that's when things really started to fall apart – in fact, each new decade of the new millennium has launched another assault on our freedom and prosperity.

First came 9/11 in 2001 - whether it was orchestrated or not, we shall never know, but it was the launch pad for the new age of surveillance which has grown exponentially as the years have passed. The advances in phone technology and big data has made it possible to track every move and every interaction by nearly everyone - I refuse to have an iphone for that reason but am one of the rare holdouts.

The banking crash of 2008 set off extraordinary financial strategies that have totally distorted markets and put the growth path of money into hyper-drive which will inevitably lead to a irreversible crash in the not-too-distant future.

The current year, 2020, initiated the elimination of personal choice in movement and interactions with others - we have become imprisoned without walls or crimes committed and, yet, most people are compliant, even enthusiastic to play along. And, where are the negotiations for international treaties to stop biological warfare and the experiments that led to this situation? At least in the cold war the US and USSR had the wisdom to negotiate treaties to prevent the worst of the nuclear risks - here, not a peep about preventing the next Covid crisis, or some worse genetic experiment let loose on the world.

Each decade has brought new Draconian measures aimed at the general population, so it follows naturally that the elites have pegged 2030 as the deadline to initiate total global control over our movements, behavior, transactions and thoughts.

I continue to expect 2021 to be worse on all fronts than the year just passed - social distress is about to explode and it could begin in earnest as early as next week with the final resolution of the election and the realization by one half of the country that they have lost their bid to control the agenda. Economic distress is building and any number or amounts of handouts will not slow the process. Stock markets are completely detached from fundamentals and ripe for a nasty gap down in the months ahead - I will be shocked if we get through another year without a valuation crisis in the markets - and, with the collapse in stock markets, the real estate markets will follow. We have likely seen the generational highs in the real estate markets and only a few deluded souls are still buying at these levels - as with 1929, it will likely be a quarter century or longer before current values are re-attained - and with the collapse of the surplus energy functions that drive our modern world, it is more than possible that a complete paradigm shift occurs where the future never resembles the present ever again - we may be in the final stages of the Age of Oil with a future that looks nothing like our recent past. Utopian visions are more likely to become a dystopian reality.

Maslow's' pyramid is about to crash and the basic needs of survival will become the focus for the great majority in the very near future.....food, fuel, shelter and family will take priority over gadgets, government programs and gender studies. The future is likely to be more like 1870 than Hollywood's visions of 2070. Technology requires great amounts of surplus energy and highly-organized skill sets and, yet, we cannot replace the aging sewers and electrical grids in our current cities let alone launch the new high-tech paradise that Hollywood envisions. The World Economic Forum's warning that we will own nothing in the future seems the more realistic likelihood though I completely disagree with them on their remedies.

We are bankrupt in every sense imaginable - we live on debt, we shuffle paper instead of producing tangible assets, we strip-mine our agricultural land with chemicals designed to draw forward its productive capacity, we replace assets with digits on a screen and think it represents wealth and personal security and we abandon lifelong relationships in favor of personal gain or immediate gratification.

This year, I cannot bring myself to invoke the typical greeting of "Happy New Year" on this last day on the calendar - rather, it seems more appropriate to offer the following sage advice…

"Brace for Impact"

Dec 31, 2020 - 12:19pm

A New Year Message

Duplicated comment deleted

4 oz
Dec 31, 2020 - 12:17pm

Welcome to California; Abandon Science, All Ye Who Enter Here...

Been a year and a half since I was in CA; Times have deff changed.

Virus_Outbreak_California_30158.jpg-1b700.jpg - Washington Times

My gut tells me SILVER is going to be quite the story in 2021...but no reason think people will even notice because, sadly, criminals are making it clear that crime pays on so many levels.....

Judy Shelton on Twitter: "Meanwhile in Washington, DC https://t.co/ag3FIBUrNw" / Twitter

Dec 31, 2020 - 12:01pm

To Mr. TF - A HUGE Thanks

Before we forget what transpired this year, and start looking forward to the New Year, I want to simply state for the record how amazingly thankful I am for this great site and all the wonderful people here. Thanks to Mr. TF for enduring. Thanks to the various posters who share their time and wisdom. And especially thanks to the sponsors who make this site possible. Without this site, I have no doubt my ability to reason clearly in the face of massive disinformation would be curtailed to the point of of speculation.

Thanks again, Mr. TF! Please keep on doing what you do.

Let us all cheer the year 2021!

Iceberg Slim
Dec 31, 2020 - 11:57am

Do we close the year at or above $1900?

The algo's seem to be trying very hard to make that not happen...

Key Economic Events Week of 4/19

4/22 8:30 ET Initial jobless claims
4/22 10:00 ET Existing home sales
4/22 10:00 ET LEI
4/23 9:45 ET April flash PMIs
4/23 10:00 ET New home sales

Dec 31, 2020 - 11:55am

To Jim's point on food...

Burgers for 4 the other night - $70

Pizza for 4 the other night - $80

This is SoCal.

Dec 31, 2020 - 11:11am

I ask myself....

Is it too early in the morning for this? Naw, I'm going in!!!!

Dec 31, 2020 - 11:06am


Can't think of a better spot on the podium for the end of the year! Nor a better podium to be on.

Happy New Year Turdville!


CHR too.

Dec 31, 2020 - 10:59am


First on the last [day of the year]! Nothing goes with gold like the Jackass . . .

And, gold is holding its annual ATH to end the year (so far). Sweet!

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Key Economic Events Week of 4/19

4/22 8:30 ET Initial jobless claims
4/22 10:00 ET Existing home sales
4/22 10:00 ET LEI
4/23 9:45 ET April flash PMIs
4/23 10:00 ET New home sales

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