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Thursday Conversation - David Brady


Trader and analyst David Brady stopped by today for an interesting and informative discussion of precious metals, QE∞ and the long road ahead. This is a free thread so you should be sure to listen.

I've known David for a few years now and I'm happy to consider him a friend. He monitors the markets every day and you can follow him on Twitter through the handle @GlobalProTrader.

For this call, David and I primarily focused upon three core topics:

  • How does David view the macro picture? Is QE truly to infinity and is stagflation coming?
  • What impact will "Yield Curve Control" have on the precious metals?
  • Is there value in trading while diligently maintaining a long metals exposure?

You may note a few bits of editing in the audio as I had some unusual recording issues on my end today. Hopefully it doesn't distract you from what should be a very valuable use of your time.



Jun 19, 2020 - 8:04am

canadian quotes...

article in Houston Chronicle, back around 92ish, walmart was going to build in Quebec. A Canadian official made the comment: "just the name walmart, sounds disgusting! like pulling a used piece of kleenex, out of an old overcoat pocket and chewing on it!

Jun 19, 2020 - 8:04am
OceanXboomer sooner
Jun 19, 2020 - 7:58am
Jun 19, 2020 - 7:39am
Jun 19, 2020 - 2:05am


"Big ranges come after small ranges".

This is Minsky: "Low volatility is the seeds of high volatility"

Sound Money Minnow
Jun 19, 2020 - 12:11am

Listened to hours of

Disregard my video wouldn't post. My apologies.

Jun 19, 2020 - 12:03am

My odd thoughts

Has anyone considered that the west needs the trade deals with China to fail or at min instability to continue. Without which corps will not exit China for home shores. No Corp can survive no/low demand, increasing tariffs and disgruntled customers. The number one thing Trump understands is that jobs = winning the next election. I have no idea how that's going to happen before the polls. I doubt that it can. At least in any significant way. Hey maybe the Biden/Hillary team can figure it out.


Well I was going to wait until Friday but what the hell. Stop worrying about the actions going on. Go look into history and all the antics of the Nork gov't. They consistently act like a 4 year old in a temper tantrum. They are short cash and need a deal. That's it. China said no when they were approached (the Nork account is hugely in the red). Considering over 80% of trade is with China and currently demand for Nork products is non existent. So how to get a infusion of cash/trade. They fell back on old antics. Be belligerent, make threats and watch the west roll over and give in. This time South Korea may cough something up but Trump won't. He's just not a forgiving type of guy when burned. Something little Kim il should know but somehow has overlooked. Maybe due to orders from Beijing. Time will tell. They are working on hypersonic missiles but are woefully equipped to progress in this type of tech. I would speculate a test vehicle in 2050 ish. Any thing occurring before that would be with Chinese help or Russian.

Something I never clarified. You understand you don't test weapon mounts on a aircraft unless you have nailed down a ground tested missile. Remember that hypersonic missile 'misplaced' by the U.S. Airforce while testing new mount designs. The U.S. has had a new supersonic designed aircraft for some time now. Pretty easy to mock up a missile to match.

I've got a family get together this weekend otherwise I would have waited. Not sure I'll get to post this weekend. So everyone have a beer with TF and relax. We've moved into a consolidation period now and it's just a waiting game before things get interesting again. Enjoy your weekend.

If your beer has less than 6% alcohol it's beer flavored water your drinking not beer. Got this quote from a old Prime minister of Canada when we hosted him onboard ship back in the 90's. The whole night is really fuzzy but I remember the quote. I also remember the entire diplo team doing shots with their pants around their ankles but that's a whole nother story.

boomer sooner
Jun 18, 2020 - 11:04pm

Watching the metals

Market like a hawk.

Nature is amazing if we let it do its job.

Nature's state-of-the-art stabilization. pic.twitter.com/MAYNEwoSZl

— Wonder of Science (@wonderofscience) June 19, 2020
Jun 18, 2020 - 10:30pm

This Brady podcast is a nothing but a piece of good news

It confirms my relentless trading of AU for AG.

A trade tomorrow in on deck

Jun 18, 2020 - 10:29pm

maybe for a few weeks at most

maybe for a few weeks at most. then back to 1760

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