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Thursday Conversation - Chris Martenson

Managing risk in a post-virus world.


In late January, our friend Chris Martenson stopped by to warn us all of the pending dangers of some new coronavirus that had just recently shown person-to-person transmission. And aren't we lucky he did! With containment efforts now in full force, Chris returns today to begin discussing the way out.

First of all, if you never had a chance to listen to the podcast from Saturday, January 25, you should do so now. Unfortunately, the warnings Chris gave us that day turned out to be quite prescient. https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/9904/special-podcast-discussing-c...

But now it's April 9 and soon the conversation will turn from mediation to "getting things back to normal". In order to get ahead of this, the question of just how soon a return might happen needs to be considered now. Thus this podcast. Over the course of the call, Chris and I discuss:

  • At this stage of the crisis, what are steps you should be taking in preparation for the months ahead?
  • The extreme importance of thorough and trustworthy data regarding fatality rate, infection rate, therapeutic treatments and the most likely co-morbidities.
  • The holes in my argument regarding the risks of returning to everyday life. Namely, the total pool of people living with possible co-morbidities is much larger than I had considered.
  • The possible therapeutic benefit of a couple gin-and-tonics!

I think you'll find this discussion to be quite helpful in orienting your mind around "where do we go from here?". Over the course of the holiday weekend, please carve out some time to give it a thorough listen.



Apr 9, 2020 - 10:14pm

Link to CH's interview re Gold with CM on PeakProsperity?


Is there a link we can use to listen to your interview re Gold with Chris on PeakProsperity?


Apr 9, 2020 - 10:11pm

You are an old 50 Tony. And I feel like a Methuselah at 68

the last 10 years as a decade of lessons learned makes the previous 50 years seem like kiddie school. I'm with you, a gentleman who knows how to behave himself in most companies, from the friends, co workers, family and complete strangers

Lessons to be learned here

We are in this together and we got only each other to rely on

There is no real justice. There's just us

Trusting most institutions such as government, LEO, bankers, brokers, crony corporatists and related globalist cucks is a fool's errand

Government always lies

Bankers always lie.

Politicians always lie.

Experts, economists, eggheads and various people who say they know something always have an angle and it usually is how to take your money

Lawyers lie even when representing you but always lie when they are the front men for anyone or anything that opposes your freedom, liberty, rights, self expression, opinions and everything we as free range humans want in life

We must do our own due diligence

We must always be planning for the worst knowing that those listed above care little to nothing about our interests except as they are able to line their pockets and fill the voting booth for their certain election.

No politician has our best interest in line. Once they run for office they are irredeemable corrupted, bought and paid for by monied interests so far above our pay scale that we are nothing but flotam and jetsam in the wide river within the political sewer pipe.

We're collateral damage on the battle field of the Hegelian Dialect wars that have raged for centuries and will rage for more centuries. Your kids will be fighting that soft asymmetical battle for decades.

We are squeezed between the left and right, blue and red as they war for dominance for our loyalty while representing not one scintilla of difference in policies over the long pull; after the votes are cast. Like someone said: If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it

And so we do what we can do. Be kind to others. Sir and ma'am go a long ways to oil the social contract. We men must be two things

Gentleman to all who deserve courtesy

Dangerous to all if a threat is presented

We must do two things

Keep our agreements

Take responsibility for our actions

In this life we choose those even as those above us make choices on our behalf that are not in our interest.

The best we can do is ignore those who do not have our best interest at heart and support those who do. The schism between the two has never been clearer.
This is a pivotal point in our lives. The Rubicon is crossed and having been crosses can never be gone back on again

We are forever changed and forever watchful and wary of the dust and pennants on the ridge line. We now know that means war and we will be ready for it

And we better get the bottle shops back open. I'm down to 3 good double double triple buzzes before my fav whisky is TU and I have to go to war and break into the store.

PS So you know, I am not preaching to you. You already know all this. I'm just venting a bit

Gasivs Buttox
Apr 9, 2020 - 9:35pm

Actually Chris, Aeroflot's done much better over past 20 years

than American Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, China Air, Cubana Airlines, Egypt Air, Iran Air, Kenya Air, Malaysia Air, THY Turkish Airlines and many others.

You might want to keep that in mind the next time you're booking a flight.

edit... Sorry, there was 1 Aeroflot crash last year (first one since 1996). I stand corrected and suggest you just don't fly anymore.

Apr 9, 2020 - 9:29pm

more shopping tomorrow

Zinc, gin, tonic water. Just what the doctor ordered.

Spartacus Rextonym9
Apr 9, 2020 - 9:24pm

Re: "1964"




# 1 Surface BLT, 7th Fleet

On Station off Cap St Jaques.

Rotated back to the Rock,

returned and walked off an LCM

Wednesday, 16 June '65

37 days later LBJ signed the Coinage Act of '65

debased our Coins to fund his Guns & Butter B.S.

In '68 Congress removed the limitation on Banksters

restricting the amount of IOU Currency the (Ph)ederal Reserve

could issue, to the amount of Gold Notes they held.

America & Our Republic has been F**ked ever since.

Got Lawful Money?


Apr 9, 2020 - 9:20pm

Must be a lot of sellers of gold as well

People and institutions have huge financial obligations now...They are forced to sell gold to get cash..

Apr 9, 2020 - 8:57pm



You and I have very very similar opinions on this stuff...

But.... The bastards are going to cash in on the bail out. There will be 0 consequences. They will walk away with more than they had on New Years. The working taxpayer will take on the debt and the resulting inflation. The rich will find the bundles of money and the loopholes. The poor get the handouts but find the handouts dont help as much...even though they are not helping much now. The working taxpayer gets another bill, but this time it comes with the inflation we have only feared after back breaking deflation.

In a society where it is now the norm for a husband and wife to both work, now the husband and wife will have to have a fulltime gig and a side gig. So in 2-3 generations we have moved from 1 salary supporting a modest lifestyle to 3 or 4 salaries barely getting by.

The only thing that will change it is the one thing that will not happen... They will not let the system totally burn down, only smolder. And we the people are too weak...

My grandfather with an 8th grade education fought WWII, came home, became a teamster and unloaded trucks for local 601??? iirc in STL for decades. He raised his daughter, then supported me. My grandmother never had an outside the home job, ever. We lived in what at that time was a very rural area. In 1984 he passed. We didnt have much but we had the basics. In 1986 my grandmother passed. That was the end of that lifestyle.

I often give the 1964 dime as an example. A real dime used to buy a loaf of bread in 1964. Today, a fiat dime doesnt come close. But a dime from 1964 does. Why? Because it is made of a desirable metal and has value not because it is stamped .10 cents, but because it has a valuable silver content. Soon my example will be unnecessary. Many will learn the value of an oz of gold but it will be far too late for them. We have been successfully dumbed down, lied to, and stolen from. All because these banker bastards have taken control. They will not easily let it go.

The only thing that will balance the scales is a full on economic meltdown and an awakening. Will it happen? I highly doubt it. As much as some of us want to see the change, we cant organize and dont have the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done. I'm sorry, im not trying to be insulting. But I call it as I see it. There are a few of us, getting up on years, that loath what has to be done, but would live through it and do it for the good of our children and grandchildren....but our numbers are few. We are now a nation of the soft...

My grandfather would weep for this country if he were alive in these days. I weep for him...

I'm only 50, but I was raised with the old ways where a gentleman opened the door for a lady and said thank you maam. I'm an old 50. These days I feel really old. I bridge that generation of can do and did to this generation of...well dont. Its sad.

But I see in my youngest a fire that I hope is coming back. Hes 18. He sees. He's 18 going on 40 and gives me hope for the future. He recognizes what is going on around him. Some of that is my teachings. Some of it is an innate sense that something is not right. Its the younglings that will have to fix it...and for that I also weep.

Spartacus Rexzenharmonics
Apr 9, 2020 - 8:42pm

Gin & Tonic?

Recommended for Those

who cannot afford

Single Malt?


Apr 9, 2020 - 8:37pm

Gin and Tonic

Hot tea, vitamin C, Zicam (zinc) tabs and gin and tonic. There are worse medicines to endure.

Spartacus Rex
Apr 9, 2020 - 8:24pm

Just Curious...

Got Alpha Whiskey (T.P.) ?


Some folks are so full of sh*t

they are compelled to buy

a year's supply!



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