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Thursday Conversation - Dave Kranzler


In this unprecedented and volatile time, it's difficult to have a dispassionate and rational discussion regarding the markets. So if you're looking for one...THIS ISN'T IT!

Actually, I'm only kidding. This podcast, recorded just a few hours ago, should prove to be an excellent use of your time. Over the course of a half hour or so, Dave and I discuss:

  • the mining shares and precious metals...and what the ferocity of the selloff is indicating
  • the potential size and scope of this worsening global financial crisis
  • how the global central banks will respond
  • the recent history of precious metal and mining share outperformance once the immediate crisis passes and rational thought returns

We tried to keep this brief so that the length of the podcast wouldn't dissuade anyone from listening. And though this is a very serious subject, Dave and I were able to find a few of the laughs that usually pervade our discussions. So, please try to give this podcast a thorough listen when you can spare the time.


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