Sprott Money Weekly Wrap-up with Andrew Maguire

As most of you know, each week I assist the good folks at Sprott Money with their "Weekly Wrap-up" segment. With Eric unavailable this week, I was able to line up a special guest appearance from our pal, Andrew Maguire. The resulting audio is an absolute must listen for everyone at TFMR and the greater metals community, at large.

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The Resurgent Pig

Choosing to ignore last week's devastating jobs report, the POSX is soaring again today on the backs of the latest government data points. So far, at least, gold and silver are failing to cooperate to the downside. Let's hope this continues.

A2A with Brent Johnson of Santaigo Capital

Earlier this week, our friend Brent Johnson of Santaigo Capital stopped by for an informative and engaging webinar. As is the case nearly every week, you should definitely carve out some time to give this recording a thorough listen.

Jobless Recovery

The highest initial jobless claims number in 15 months today has sparked a turnaround in the USDJPY which, in turn, has spiked the metals back to near their highs of the week.

This Week's JBSFC

Geez, I'm so busy this week that I just now remembered to post this vital weekly update from John and Steve.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, May 11

Gold, silver and the miners rallied again today on the back of a falling USDJPY. However, one other factor that we must watch closely is the strong rally in the U.S. bond market as a breakout to new highs should inevitably lead to a further breakout in gold prices.


After two days of gains in the USDJPY, this all-important currency pair is headed back down today...and, just like that, the commodity sector is rebounding. It's already been a wild week and it's only Wednesday!

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, May 10

A solid day in which gold bounced back in the face of a continued rally in the USDJPY. It appears that, so far at least, paper gold holders are standing firm in the face of yesterday's selloff. We discuss this today as well as another edition of "why the gold and silver futures markets are a fraud".

Assessing The Latest Bank Participation Report

We monitor the daily open interest changes in Comex gold and silver. We also wait each Friday for the latest Commitment of Traders report. Once a month, however, we also get the Bank Participation Report and, though it might be complete garbage and full of lies, we also need to consider this report for some historical perspective.

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TFMR Podcast - Monday, May 9

A crazy day where all commodities were smashed due to a sharply rising USDJPY. Just like last week, though, it's not how you begin the week but how you end it that matters...and there's A LOT of week left with a bundle of economic data pending.

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