TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, December 1

Lots to cover in today's podcast as we discuss the stock and bond markets and well as gold and the impending BLSBS and FOMC.

S&P 500 Update

In early September, we noted the likely end of this current bull market in stocks by the appearance of a "death candle" on the monthly chart. In early October, we anticipated a rally that would be marked by a "green candle of hope". And now it's early December. What do you suppose comes next?

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Moving Forward With Deliberate Intent

We'll have to wait to see what happens this month but, since the last six weeks have played out almost precisely as forecast back in October, it's time for me to start implementing my plan to capitalize on what comes next.

Comex Conundrum

For a fair and honest market, the latest developments might be significant and noteworthy, perhaps even troublesome. But remember, we're not talking about a fair and honest market, we're talking about The Comex, instead.

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TFMR Podcast - Monday, November 30

It has been a busy day so this podcast dives right in with an update on the current conditions and a discussion of an historic Commitment of Traders report.

First Notice Day

Today is First Notice Day for the Dec15 gold and silver contracts. For trading, this means that the new front month for gold is the Feb16 and for silver it's the Mar16 while the December contracts begin their sham "delivery" phase.

Expiration Friday

On the bright side, at least we're finally finishing up this latest Spec rinse cycle. Be aware that today is "expiration" day for the Dec15 contracts on both gold and silver. This means there's A LOT of selling taking place ahead of Monday's First Notice Day. The volatility should not surprise anyone around here and what comes next shouldn't surprise anyone, either.

Pre-Holiday Trading

It's a regular trading day today, followed by a holiday tomorrow and a partial day on Friday...all of this with Dec15 contract expiration looming for Monday. So take some time to relax but don't stray too far, either.


We've been diligently posting these weekly Cold War discussions for nearly two years now. Has there been a time where they've been more important?

Some Razzleberries With The Jackass

It's soon to be another holiday weekend. You know what that means...Stuffed Jackass with all the fixins.

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