Criminals In Control

The main action this week will be the FOMC "fedlines" on Wednesday. As we lead up to the event, The Cartel Banks on Friday began an onslaught to lower price. Quite obviously, this effort continues today.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, March 11

Your Friday podcast summary and review is about 24 hours behind schedule but finally available for all to hear. You definitely need to listen, too, as yesterday's action in the paper gold "market" was one of the grievous and blatant demonstrations of Bullion Bank Cartel price manipulation that we've witnessed in a long, long time.

Suing the FED for FRAUD - Is it Time?

So you read something on the internet about suing the FED for fraud, for debasing the currency, amounting to fraud and theft.  And now, you want to sue them, right?  What could go wrong . . . ?

Tooth and Nail

Wow. The Forces of Darkness are fighting us for every last tick, nakedly issuing new Comex contracts at a record pace in a desperate attempt to hold gold back from new 2016 highs. Will they win again? When was the last time they lost?

A2A with Bill Murphy of GATA

What a great day for an A2A with Bill Murphy. Is the bear market over? Are the bottoms in? Do The Manipulators have their collective backs to the wall? For these answers and more, come on in and have a listen!

<This tremendous recording is now publicly available for your weekend listening pleasure.>


Following the lead of the BoJ, today the ECB announced increased QE along with a new program to buy European corporate debt. Next up will undoubtedly be ETFs and then equities. The madness of The Keynesians knows no bounds as they desperately attempt to maintain their debt-riddled monetary scheme.

A Visit with Marin Katusa

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to visit with fund manager, analyst and best-selling author Marin Katusa.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, March 9

Gold and silver both fell today but the mining shares recovered and actually managed to close higher. However, The Big Event will be next week with the Fedlines of next Wednesday. You know what that means, don't you? It's time for another Hat Contest!

Out Of Gas

After surging open interest to nearly 500,000 contracts, it's clear now that The Banks have achieved their desired result. That price is now being driven sharply lower should come as no surprise to anyone.

Your Latest Batchelor-Cohen

Another comprehensive update last evening as topics ranged from Syria to Ukraine to the New Cold War.

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