Four Lousy Datapoints

Last Friday, the metals were drubbed after another joke of a BLSBS. However, today brought four separate datapoints for the US economy and all of them stunk on ice. The metals have rebounded and are now poised to finish with a green/UP week!

An Interesting Development For Gold and All Other Markets

Over the past two weeks, ZeroHedge has chronicled another dramatic rise in the TED Spread. What does this mean and what might this portend for gold? Hmmm...those are excellent questions.

A2A with The Doc of SilverDoctors

It was great fun to visit with my pal, The Doc, today. It was also highly informative as we discussed the dynamics of being a bullion dealer and how this impacts physical supply and demand of gold and silver coins.

30 Important Hours Loom

More lousy economic news today has set the table for what will be a compelling Friday and end of the week. After the manipulated disaster of the BLSBS, can the metals continue to bounce back for a green/UP finish?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 10

A solid (if heavily Cartel-manipulated) Wednesday sets us up for a very interesting end of the week with some significant economic data due out both tomorrow and Friday.

Another Great JBSFC

Last evening's program was excellent, as usual, with a discussion of the US election in the context of the New Cold War.

Wild Wednesday

A lot going on overnight as USDJPY fell over a point and the metals rallied in response. Things, of course, magically began to reverse just as the Comex resumed trading but prices are still higher and back above some of the key lines we've been watching.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 9

The metals continued their post-BLSBS bounce today and now the primary hurdle becomes a move back above $1350 in gold and $20 in silver. Can we get there? Longtime subscribers will certainly know the proper indicators to watch.

A New Wrinkle In The Paper Gold Con Game

Here's a story that came out earlier today. Maybe it's just me but it's easy to see a Bullion Bank plot here. For months, we've documented all of the various points of demand for gold in all its forms. And now, as The Bullion Bank Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme is being stretched to extremes, suddenly the LME wants to offer another form of paper gold with which to screw everyone.

A Tuesday Bounce

Some "disappointing" economic news this morning as productivity fell (whatever that means anymore) and wholesale inventories grew. So, as the song goes....USDJPY down, rates down, gold up. Works for me!

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