Why are there 800+ Concentration Camps in the USA?

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Why are there 800+ Concentration Camps in the USA?
Since the 1990s, the US Govt has created over 800 holding camps within the United States, each designed to contain very large numbers of people. Should the weak fabric of US society ever collapse, the ultimate purpose of these establishments will become clear to even the dimmest souls.
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Move along, nothing to see here...

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FEMA & Katrina "never let a good crisis go to waste" conspiracy

Posted this in another thread as well, but some pretty amazing stuff.  I really wasn't "awake" at the time Katrina happened, so these videos were riveting for me - - for others they may be a bit old hat.  But even then I'd say they're still worth watching if you don't "feel frightened" by a currency crisis and societal breakdown. 

First, Alex Jones weaves a remarkably coherent and well-supported story for the "conspiracy theory" that FEMA wanted things to get bad & wanted the local officials to look clueless so that FEMA could "save the day".  I buy it:


(the whole thing was riveting for me, because I wasn't "paying attention" then; but the "meat" of the video starts around 14:50)

Then, and it follows on the idea that it was "supposed to be bad", the gun confiscation.  It was something I'd heard about at the time, but in the context of this FEMA idea it's some pretty scary stuff:


Anyway, FYI.  Happy Saturday all.


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Gaining acceptance comes first

Call me a loon if you like. I get it a lot :)

I'm of the belief that the first disaster in which they utilize the FEMA camps will be benign. Your house was knocked out by some disaster, you get escorted to the camp where you get warm food, water, shelter, and some comforts. At the end of the day, everybody walks away saying "FEMA ain't so bad."

Then when WW3 happens and they begin locking up ethnic group A, nobody will mind. After all, FEMA camps are nice places. Then they come after the next body politic and so forth.

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I think Jesse Ventura did an

I think Jesse Ventura did an episode of his show about these "fusion centers".  


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the reason

Human beings today lack the simple skills and awareness an 8 year old had 2000-50,000 years ago.  If we all had proper outdoor skills  there would be no need for these camps.  Howard Zinn  speaks similarly in, "The Peoples History of the United States".  This is why the Natives here were slaughtered here in America.  You can't enslave someone who understands the local ecology.  Yes, you can eat half the stuff out there.  Yes, it's pretty easy to stay warm.  Yes, you will get itchy at times when you use leaves instead of a sleeping bag.


"A building's form should follow it's function", Howard Roarke.

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