When did you start stacking?

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When did you start stacking?

I started a bit over a month ago. Yeah, I know, that's terribly late in the game. . .

I've been following markets and the economy for most of my adult life. In 2005 I realized we were in the middle of an absurd housing bubble and started to read blogs that discussed how the bursting of that bubble was likely to take down the banks. I was fully invested in the stock market at that point and became worried enough to start moving out of stocks and into cash in my 401K by early 2007. By the end of 2007 I had completely gone to cash.

In 2008 and 2009 I felt comfortable and even a bit smug being in cash. I was a big fan of the "deflationist" blogs like Mish and Denninger. However as the money printing began in earnest, it became clear that there were some serious holes in the deflationist argument. So I climbed up on the fence between deflationary depression and hyperinflationary currency collapse depression.

Finally in May I heard about FOFOA's post Deflation or Hyperinflation over on ZH. And then it all "clicked" that I needed to get the F*** out of fiat money.


I am sad to say that it is probably prejudice against "crazy gold bugs" that kept me from seeing the obvious truth 2-3 years ago that the dollar fiat is destined to meet its inherent value before too much longer. And so my stack is sadly much smaller than it would have been. But I'm buying as much as I can now -- most of my money is tied up in a 401K and I won't be able to take out a loan from it until 2012 -- hoping things hold together until then as my present stack is feeble stuff indeed. On the plus side, I do live on a rural property with horses and a garden and plenty of room to grow food. And thanks to my son's interest in the shooting sports, we are well provisioned in that area.

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