'Urban Mining' Could Reduce Reliance on Metal Imports

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'Urban Mining' Could Reduce Reliance on Metal Imports


The demand for special metals used in the manufacture of electronics is booming, but a few countries control much of the world's supply. Germany is looking to reduce its reliance on imports by exploiting the metal that is thrown away in trash. Urban mining could become big business.

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Thanks for the link


A very interesting read.  Someone here the other day said (to another "immature" poster like me who's just finishing law school) "stay out of debt, work for yourself, and find a business to buy that addresses necessities."  That's been on my mind a few days (anything to avoid studying for the Bar!), and this article absolutely fits that bill.  I'm sure that, in a few months' time, this idea will still be rattling around upstairs and I'll have no idea where it came from.  But while I still remember:  THANKS!

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