UK Silver Miners

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UK Silver Miners

Man, this is a thin portfolio.

There's just Arian Silver (AGQ.L) really.

When you look at the number of juniors fighting for attention in Canada, it's a no-brainer to me that Arian is going to enjoy an advantage in capital flows.

There are one or two majors, like Fresnillo (FRES.L) and Hochschild (HOC.L). And there's Minco (MIO.L), which is a small Irish zinc explorer but with a very large interest in Xtierra, the Canadian-listed Mexican silver. 

But in terms of growth silver, it's a one show town.

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Zenmare Resources (KMR.L) for

Zenmare Resources (KMR.L) for Zinc/Titanium (no Silver) have a good track record.

This report has also been doing the rounds, I think it mentioned mining stocks but I can't remember how many if any were UK.

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