Turd want you to be ready !!

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Turd want you to be ready !!

Turd said..... "And it's FREE! It's free and it will remain free because I feel it is our duty to help as many as possible prepare for what is, most assuredly, coming. Your duty is to spread the word." Now people, I don't know about you, but this is what makes Turd not just a good man but a great man. Such that he is not just concerned about you as an investor but as a person who needs to be aware of what is coming. Yes Turd can see the future in terms of prices in the markets,but also in terms of the end of the "Great Keynesian Experiment" and the financial/political/economic debacle that will affect every human on the planet. The consequences of a complete dollar collapse will be devastating beyond our wildest nightmares and comprehension in that the world has never seen anything in its past quite like what is about to come to pass. You see, there has never had a global financial fiat system ever before in its history, and the collapse of such a system will devastate and destroy in ways you cannot imagine and perhaps send us into the next dark ages. The Turd cares and wants to see as many people prepared for this event as is possible. For no other reason, this is why you should have the highest respect and love for this great man. Turd could charge a fortune for his awesome skills at market analysis, but he doesn't because there are things of greater value for him, namely a future for his children. We do not live alone, and while many of us will do quite well in the forthcoming financial disaster, others will literally die as a consequence. Turd would like to save as many people as is possible and even help them to thrive. Therefore it is incumbent upon all of you to spread the word as much as you can. That is his goal and it should be yours. Thank you

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