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Tulving...I think anyone who has been around the metals market for more than a month will hear his name.


Located in California, Tulving is a volume dealer.  Ordering is usually in minimum quantities of 500 oz of silver (AG) and 20 oz of gold (AU).  Although his website is circa 2000, it reflects his business process.  Simply get the information out, take the customer order (phone or email pretty much 24/7), deliver the product.

I have ordered monster boxes of ASEs and 100 oz silver bars.  My dad has ordered similarly and also tubes of AGE.  Payment receipt and subsequent delivery is very fast and reliable.  Customer service is professional.

Price???  Well, it has been my experience, that if you are buying in quantities stated earlier, you probably won't find better prices than Tulving...oh, he will buy your metals back when needed.


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agree about tulving

Tulving is extremely professional. Great prices. Great service.

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I've used them 3 times.

I've used them 3 times. Absolutely the best experience buying pms on the net I have had. Eazy and no bs. Just sent an email, got email back from Hannes confirming price and amount. Sent wire, and had gold and silver quick with no shipping charges. Just be prepared to buy large, or go somewhere else.... cool

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