Trading Silver via Forex

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Trading Silver via Forex

I have a forex account and I know how to read charts decently and can see some patterns. I recall a few months ago on the "old" TF site that one of the regulars stated he traded silver via stochastics and using Bollinger bands. Another regular poster of the "old" site was asking "Atlee" I think it was, what settings he used for the Bollinger bands. I know how to use stochastics and bollinger bands, but I was curious if anyone remembered this conversation and what the bollinger band settings where? I think Atlee is on the new site, but I dont see an option of Direct Messaging someone.

With the sporadic nature of the silver movement, I would be interested in the bollinger band settings of someone who trades silver profitably.

If anyone has other strategies I would be interested in hearing as well.



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Sat, Jun 18, 2011 - 10:10pm
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Well very shortly you will

Well very shortly you will not be allowed to trade gold and silver on forex. better to spend your time working on something else right now. you might start by reading turds comments and the postings below for today.

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