For those storing dry foods or honey.

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For those storing dry foods or honey.

I try to keep a few months of food on hand to smooth out the inevitable bumps in the road. Long term power outages due to hurricanes, ice storms and deep snow have affected my life over the years but I always seem to have whatever I need.

For those storing dry foods or honey allow me to introduce to the home brewers best friend.........the Cornelius keg or soda keg. The come in various sizes the most common being the five gallon and 2.5 gallon. You can store all sorts of grains, beans, flour, sugar, water, honey etc in them and with the addition of a CO2 tank you can purge oxygen from them easily. They are easy to clean, sterilize, store and transport and are vermin proof.

As with anything you buy, shop around. Ensure that any kegs you buy hold pressure. New seals can be purchased cheaply. A fair price for a five gallon dirty keg that holds pressure is about $25-$35. Clean and rebuilt about $40-$50. All seals, parts connectors etc should be locally available via homebrew shops and online. Sources for kegs are everywhere online but Craigslist is where I buy mine.


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