Status of the Silver Manipulation Lawsuits

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Status of the Silver Manipulation Lawsuits

I was wondering who might be keeping up with the status of the silver manipulation lawsuits against JPM and others. The last that I read, many of the cases were consolidated in the Southern District of New York. It would be interesting to read the defendants' answers to the complaints, and to be able to view case filings and other information as the case progresses. I'd even pay to view the deposition of some of the key JPM people. Maybe wikileaks will upload them to youtube.

Is there anyone, or perhaps a website, that's monitoring these cases?

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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 11:16pm
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Good question, but recognize

Good question, but recognize lawsuits take years and without direct evidence it's circumstantial. I also recall one such lawsuit progressing and at the end of January the judge called for JPM to open their books. I haven't heard a peep since then. Wouldn't surprise me that the judge's pockets were lined quite handsomely. The regime is so big and powerful that it will not rollover without a black swan, a natural catastrophe linked to derivatives. Or Greece pulling out of the EU, followed by the rest of the PII(G)S. Their right, if there no more QE, then Amerika needs a good olde smack down war, which means they need another home made terrorist attack.

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