Sprouts: An ideal emergency preparedness food ~ or, for anytime health & nutrition

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Sprouts: An ideal emergency preparedness food ~ or, for anytime health & nutrition

I've been sprouting at home for a year now, it's easy, relatively inexpensive to initiate, and by far the best bang for your buck nutrition... vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes. Just one example, a sprouted Mung Bean: has a carbohydrate content of a melon, vitamin A of a lemon, thiamin of an avacado, riboflavin of a dry apple, niacin of a banana, and ascorbic acid of a loganberry. Because sprouts are predigested food, they have a much higher biological efficiency. Less food is required, yet more nutrients reach the blood and cells. Sprouts also have a regenerating effect on the human body because of their high concentration of RNA, DNA, protein and essential nutrients. In the dead of winter (for those without greenhouses) when you can't grow anything or if you can't get fresh produce, sprouts will provide a consistently reliable source of sustenance, keeping your body healthy and immune system strong.

A few sites for you to browse (includes growing kits and various seeds)...

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