SPAM and how to classify it ??

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#1 Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 5:42am
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SPAM and how to classify it ??


I wear many hats, and signed up as my own personal account for my own personal views (precious metals trader / investor / etc). However I also am involved with a company for PM retail and storage. Not the day to day administration but as an initial investor.

At what point does answering questions on retail and storage merge with promotion ??

Would there be any value in company representatives answering questions in an official role ??

Basically wheres the line between commercialism and spam.. No one wants this forum to be a haven of spammers and self promoting hucksters, but at the same time industry players has both information and servives that posters are asking for. Eg retail volumes, conversion rates v tyre kickers, and the like are very interesting to me now I have some access to them.

Put some thoughts back on this.. Some clarity to where the lines are wanted.

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