Silvers Price Action for June...PRESSURE IS DOWN

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Silvers Price Action for June...PRESSURE IS DOWN

I am a mixed bag when it comes to Trading methods. So basically, I use an Eastern style if you will, with a touch of Fibonacci and what I think is a common sense world view that we (the USA ) are in a financial meltdown...okie doki. 

So based on Daily Ichimoku Clouds..., and Japanese Candles, June is downward pressure month that could push Silver to roll over to 28ish. I suspect a sideward action from a high of 36ish to a low 28ish...(gotta love the "ish".) 

But I suspect the better range from the end of this week till the 7th of July should be between 32+ and some change to 35+

​In the end Only God Knows...And He wont tell beware.



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Here is a bullish Method!

Not exactly Turd's method, but the recent history of this methodology is highly successful all the same:

Buy rating on Silver issued today (6-15-2011) using P&F candlestick analysis.



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