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Requested Page Not Found

Hi, I tried to post the below comment in the Site Suggestions thread rather than send a message since I guess you'll have many messages to read but I get "Requested Page Not Found" error. The url is as follows:

There are only 50 replies when I tried, I tried a number of times and always same error. I then tried to use the contact form but get the same error from url:

The post I tried to make is as below:

Perhaps a little more detail in the Turdism section. For example for FUTF & FUBM it doesn't actually explain what the letters stand for. Maybe also a link to a chart or two showing classic FUTF & FUBM formations?

Also, I added my profile pic to "files" before I realised where I should have uploaded it to. Now I don't seem to be able to delete it from files, any suggestions?


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