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Reputable PM Dealers.

With so much concern about the possible confiscation of gold and possibly silver, by the American government, ala FDR in 1934, this Canadian coin/bullion dealer may be your answer. Border Gold Corp. They are located just across the border in Canada from Washington state. Their product line is extensive in both coins and bullion. The premiums charged are a bit on the high side, however for this level of trust and service, I feel its worth every penny! And no! I don't have any affiliation with them. Nor am I paid in any way, shape, or form. By the way, they also offer secure storage of your PM's if you are that concerned about the possibility of confiscation. This post is by way of service to my fellow PM "bugs" only. So check out their site. Let us know what you think. This is where I purchase a good portion of my PM's. No complaints - so far.

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