Price Acceptance : $35 seems cheeeeap.

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Price Acceptance : $35 seems cheeeeap.


Although my self-awareness probably pales in comparison to some of you out there, I still thought this was worth posting. I was thinking about silver earlier today, and for a second, decided to analyze my own thought process.

What I realized is the stark contrast of my feelings towards price, contrary to 3 months ago.

Now, when I daydream or internalize thoughts about silver, etc,

The idea of silver at $35 an oz does not make me queasy and eye my physical like an overextended best friend who needs to maybeeee be put up on the auction slab to be repurchased at a later date.

Now, $35 silver, which has shown MARKED resilience, I mean look at that damn chart... whipsaw action with a strong support bias and 2 large attempts to break out higher, despite much higher POSX.

I am speaking as someone who would like to think he understands the story and value in silver, but still had a healthy skepticism. What happened in the last 3 months changed that completely. I now understand the truly sinister state of the world that we are in today.

What happened to silver in May made me realize that "free markets" is a filthy, silly, idealistic thing, that only an Econ Major in College could ever even hope the world to be.

There are weapons and forces and "animal spirits" (did you know that 1/25 Americans is a sociopath? This means they have no conscience, and are capable of anything) from an early age took advantage of the idealistic people, stringing them along, pretending to play nice and fair on the Playground, but all the while secretly stealing away bits for themselves. So naturally, the good natured and idealistic free market thinkers, always have trouble imagining...well... who would police the free markets?! And who would pay for that police force? And what certain benefits would that give them! LOL

$35 silver is CHEAP. Stack on, gentlemen.

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Nice. You have gotten my

Nice. You have gotten my first post. Props. There's no other way to explain this madness, I suppose.... "Noone our age trusts the government anymore." Truth. ^

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