Prepping the Wife

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Prepping the Wife

Hi all,

Long-time TF blog reader, first time posting. Love the community and the new site!

So I’m on board. I get the Keynesian experiment is coming to an end. I’m now trying to get my wife on board, but that’s the challenge.

She is your typical wife/mother and is so engaged in day-to-day life that I haven’t been able to properly convey what will eventually happen. She isn't interested in economics/finance/markets and has a deep normalcy bias as do most people I try and broach this topic with. My suggestions to diversify our portfolio to include some PMs results in really really weird looks.

Unfortunately, most of the resources on the internet related to this are either very sensational (to grab people’s attention) or so long and technical (and boring) that you almost need a finance degree to understand.

I’m looking for something that she can see/read that isn’t over-the-top doom and gloom but does get the message across. Maybe an article or YouTube video that might be perfect for a 'newbie'. I'm thinking the best way is to ease her into the topic. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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