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Prepper/Emergency apps

I know it may seem a little weird, but I'm wondering if others have some of these apps for the iphone/ipod touch that deal with survival and emergencies. I think it's a bit unlikely that one will be squinting at an ipod or other device in the middle of an emergency trying to figure out what to do. But regardless, it seems like just another source of information or help that could be valuable.

Some of the emergency-themed apps that I have are:

iSurvive (military survival manual)

SAS Survival

Knot guide


Injuries (first aid guid)

Hands Only CPR

Pocket CPR

Disaster Alert (this one is cool - it will give updates of various disasters around the world)

iSurvival (different from above app, but basically another survival guide).

Also, there are tons of other apps for navidation/position/GPS but I am not including these in this category of survival.

I am curious about the thoughts of others for the ipod as a survival tool. Of course it could fail in an emergency or long term disaster. As long as one doesn't rely on it exclusively it seems like another tool that could be very useful.

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