Paging on top of thread as well?

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Paging on top of thread as well?

Would like to have paging links on the top of the thread. I often visit page x to gage where the thread was going and then want to go to page 1 (or some previous page). If page X had a lot of posts, I need to scroll to the bottom.. call me lazy.. but that's why I'm a web developer :)

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Great Job Admin

Just... and just right... and right on time. Whoever you are, you are the best ever! Well done.

Here's a little suggestion:

Turd's posts are very good. I read them at least once and sometimes several times. That being said, for the sake of efficiency in spacing, ease in scrolling, quick scanning and  blog continuity it would be nice if the main post only appeared on the original page. Really no sense in repeating it in every section of every chapter of each thread. Does that make sense?

Those who read the main post by the Main Man will do so. Repeating it every time the thread gets 'chaptered' is unnecessary and somewhat annoying.

Again, fantastic admin, usability and logistics. 

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