online trading for the (soon to be) expat.

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online trading for the (soon to be) expat.

Is there a Swiss, Panamanian, etc version of TD Ameritrade/E-trade/Scottrade?

A trading platform that doesn't submit 1099s because it doesn't have to?


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If you don't want US tax hassles then you need a broker that is (a) not based in USA and  (b) not owned by an American parent, and for good measure you want to check who clears their trades and make sure they are not American either.  You will then have to convince them to take you on as a client - many brokerages don't want to bother with foreign/US clients because of US govt tax hassles. If you can tick all these boxes you'll probably find you chosen broker is in Europe or Asia and doesn't offer trades on US markets - which may or may not be an issue for you. Happy Hunting.

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Swissquote allows

Swissquote allows international clients. No idea who clears their trades.

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