Obama, the Apocalypse and golf

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Obama, the Apocalypse and golf

Obama knows he's not going to win the next election, can't really be bothered with the hassle while there's pot to smoke and golf to play, has decided he's going to go all-out to blackmail Netanyahu into ceding in a "final peace agreement", so he threatens not to veto the Palestinians in September, so forcing Israel to sign an agreement which opens the security door to full-scale warfare in due course, steps down before the Democratic Convention


and disappears from the scene, causing Christians to go into a frenzy that this is the man prophesied to last in power for 3.5 years but not before presiding over a false peace agreement, which will hold for two before Armageddon.

Armageddon being Meggido (the plains of) in northern Israel, which is quite likely to be where Hezbollah's first non-conventional tipped missiles would land.

Resultant timeline: you've got two years to repent (or buy beans) once the peace agreement is signed, according to the eschatology.

I don't know about you lot, but I was shit-scared enough by the prospect of hyperinflation, let alone the end-times!!

They always did say Jesus saves, Moses invests, but Buddha's got his stash buried under the lawn.

I used to peruse the Silverseek threads and was disquieted by the fact that I seemed to share my views on silver with quite a lot of neo-nazis. This may be not be nazism, but I'm definitely verging on crankery with this flight of fancy. Frankly, it didn't help that the bloke's zipcode in Chicago was 60606. Or that the winning lottery number in Chicago the day after he got elected in 5th November 2008 was....well, take a flying guess:


And I could really have done without his name being a translation of "Lightning from the Heavens", given Luke 10:18

I won't be converting to Christianity too soon, I don't think. But I am seriously thinking about cancelling the weekend break in Tel Aviv.

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